1. Guard

    Mr. Sharp? Can I come in?

  2. Quincy Sharp

    As long as it's quick, we're having a hell of a day here on the Island.

  3. Guard

    That's partly why I'm here. I've been thinking about how we're running the facility, and it just seems kind of dangerous.

  4. Quincy Sharp

    Dangerous? Of course it is. We have the most dangerous criminals in the world on this island. You knew that when you signed up.

  5. Guard

    Well I knew there were some of the most dangerous criminals in the world, but we literally have all of them. Every single dangerous criminal in the world. I was just thinking we could spread them out a little.

  6. Quincy Sharp

    Spread them out?

  7. Guard

    I don't mean like send them to Mexico or anything, but maybe put them in different prisons and asylums around the States.

  8. Quincy Sharp

    Do you realize how much effort that would take? We'd have to build a new lair for Killer Croc….

  9. Guard

    …why does he even need a lair? He's a criminal, he should be in a cell. I mean it's not like you let Poison Ivy chill out in the botanical gardens…

  10. Quincy Sharp

    …did she say something? Maybe she would be happier there.

  11. Guard

    That's not the point I was trying to make.

  12. Quincy Sharp

    Well regardless, we just don't have that manpower to pull something like that off.

  13. Guard

    That actually brings me onto the second thing. We could really do with more guards around here. There's about 100 guards working here right? And at any given time there are over 200 criminals on the island. This includes the likes of Bane and Killer Croc. Even the average criminals are ridiculously strong. Them having a 2 on 1 advantage just doesn't seem fair.

  14. Quincy Sharp

    We have Batman helping. And Commissioner Gordon has promised assistance whenever we need it.

  15. Guard

    That's great and all, but they only show up after the criminals start killing us. That means there's at least a couple of us dying every month.

  16. Intercom comes through.

  17. Dr Young

    Mr Sharp, Bane has broken out of the medical facility. Batman has been called, but it's going to take him a while to get here, please send back up! There's just me and 2 other doctors here!

  18. Quincy Sharp

    Dr Young, I only have one guard available, he's on his way now.

  19. Sharp gestures for the guard to go help.

  20. Guard