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You know what? Forget Civil War - THIS is the superhero interpersonal drama I've always wanted: Spider-Man vs. Falcon (who technically DID fight in Civil War, but this is like in real life). Right from the beginning, it's been a running gag that Mackie will constantly belittle and mock Tom Holland in interviews and press junkets. Like, prettttttttty relentlessly...

If you wanna know where this (most likely) fake beef started, it sounds like Tom goofed on Anthony a bit between takes on Civil War - and may have even genuinely bruised his ego:

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Popcorn with Peter Travers / Youtube

I wanna believe he's just incredibly dedicated to the bit, but it's so constant in their interactions and there really never seems to be a character-breaking moment where he's like "No, Tom's actually great" or anything like that. Also, Tom really never gets back at Mackie or tries to throw shade in the same way nearly ever - so it was extra satisfying to see him FINALLY push back a little at the recent ACE Comic-Con 2018 in Seattle:

If you wanna watch the whole panel (including some UNBELIEVABLY cringey bits from two certain Tom Holland superfans), check out the whole thing here - there's some great stuff between Tom Holland and Anthony Mackie, but also plenty of nice moments from the far more reserved Sebastian Stan: