It seems like every single aspect of nerd culture has been thrust into a "-gate" controversey in the past few years, an unfortunate side effect of our divided times when reactionaries and counter-reactionaries are forever locked over the properties that we all have come to rely on for escapism and entertainment. But just this one time it didn't have to go down like this, as the online RPG community turned what is usually a shitstorm into an amazing platform of creative expression. Just this once, the gates are good.

1. It started with this call to action, where DMs were tasked with creating novel and interesting openings for adventurers


2. Some were whimsical and precocious


3. Others were handy for people more interested in doing Evil runs

Your eyelids drag themselves open as the faraway sound of shattered wood echoes down to your ears Another door jamb for the goblins to repair Ah well, you think, as the first flickers of torchlight dance at the entrance to your lair At least dinner has arrived dndgate


4. Many went full cosmic-horror with it

Matthew Mercer Verified account matthewmercer Follow Follow matthewmercer More Matthew Mercer Retweeted Richard August The massive steel doors grind open as sweat drips down your brow A gutteral rumble draws your eyes to the gargantuan, toothfilled hellmouth that is the floor before you You scan with your optic unit and cold fear takes your mind That is the doorway you seek DnDgate


5. That's what's fun about Dungeons and Dragons, the way you can set up an epic adventure in just a few sentences 

Warlock of the Coast ToddKenreck Follow Follow ToddKenreck More You hesitate before the storm giants door as a wave crashes against the rocks bellow Lightning flashes as the immense door opens The giant stands before you and with a booming voice says we are playing Dragon Chess and we are missing a piece, mind filling in DnDgate 8:06 PM 20 Jun 2018

6. An expression of imagination

A faintly luminous fog leads you down the halls of the decayed mansion, billowing out through the latticework covering a large archway Vines of Cold Iron block your passage, waiting As you reach out, they twist out of the way, and a bridge of Steel flowers sits ahead DnDgate


7. Or the setup to a joke to make your friends laugh



8. Obviously this silly hastag isn't going to mend every conflict that arises in an evolving society


9. But it's nice to see people push back at the darkness, even a little

Transit Van Trust AlexisTrust Follow Follow AlexisTrust More People are trying to make DnDGate a thing Gatekeeping a game where you set the rules, that you play at home with your pals


10. If Dungeons and Dragons could survive 4th Edition, chances are it'll still be around for a while