For the last few years, one of the smartest and funniest Twitter accounts around was @KazHiraiCEO - which, on its surface, appeared to many to be the surprisingly-cheeky Twitter account of PlayStation's CEO, Kaz Hirai. But for those with any grasp on how social media works, it was as blatantly obvious as possible that this was a parody account, albeit a very funny one. "Kaz Hirai" would comment on whatever was going on in the world of gaming, producing memes and shitposts galore, and generally being one of the funniest and sharpest voices in gaming culture online. Also, it was very funny when people would think the ACTUAL CEO of PlayStation was making repeated jokes about how dead the Vita was.

But those days are gone now - with the recent retirement of ACTUAL Playstation CEO Kaz Hirai, the individual running the account - a fella by the name of Mark Doherty - has also decided to retire his enormously popular account:

To celebrate the account's formal end, Mark helpfully put together some of his best tweets - all beautifully-rendered under a jokey "HD Collection" framing:


And - just as a reminder - Mark has used the account to do some actual good in the world (beyond providing us with some solid laughs): he used the faux-Kaz Hirai persona to promote a charity for people with disabilities, which you can donate to here.

For now, let's salute Mark and Faux-Kaz - it's been one heck of a 7 year journey...