The modern graduation ceremony is a paradoxical thing. In theory, the whole day is dedicated to your own personal accomplishments and a marks the next step in your journey. But in reality, you sit around in with thousands of people in identical robes, waiting to grab a fake scroll of paper while a bunch of old people speak to you in platitudes. But the new generation is not content to be another face in the crowd, which is why over the past few years we've seen graduates take to their mortar boards as a platform for individual expression.

1. For many, college is "the Dark Souls of continuing education"

job apps meme graduation capssource


2. While others are eager to serve up some unexpected Mulaney

john mulaney meme graduation cap graduation cap ideas 2018source

3. You can't mention memes without bringing up Spongebob Squarepants

who you callin pinhead spongebob meme


4. It's a miracle they could Peele themselves away from their finals to make this

Graduation funny memes get out dan peele


5. Unlike Spider-Man, there's no rebooting your college years

infinity war memes tom holland avengers funny i dont want to go

6. Bears. Beets. Bachelor of Arts.

The office bears beets battlestar gallactica


7. Marvel at how much millenials love Tom Holland

I Dont Know how jobs work spiderman homecoming


8. "Do you want to know how I got these loans?"

dark knight batmansource


9. Believe it or not, this was the LEAST cringey Rick and Morty cap we found

rick and morty graduation cap


10. Stonecutters memes? In 2018? It's more likely than you think...

steamed hams simpsons meme graduation day 2018 caps


11. Wakanda Forever! 


12. This meme is old enough to have graduated college ITSELF

graduation caps


13. Hopefully this cap ages better than my "Guitar Hero" design from 2006


14. This one sent me straight to the Shadow Realm 

yugioh graduation cap


15. Respect for perfect use of that little top pin/nub on the mortar board

plankton meme i dont know I didnt think Id get this far