Let's not beat around the bush here: The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the next big footprint on the road of global cinema. Shared continuity between movies and frantically cut action scenes are the new norm and the MCU is already in the midst of its first huge shakeup in the wake of Avengers Infinity War. Most of the old Avengers will either not make it or not renew their contracts. New blood has been peeking around the corners in the form of Tom Holland's Spider-Man and Letitia Wright's Shuri, but there's one other young hero I feel has been missing from the MCU: Kamala Khan. 

Earlier this week, Marvel president Kevin Feige announced that the wildly popular Ms. Marvel would be finding her way into the MCU sometime after Brie Larson's Captain Marvel premieres next March. That's right; Jersey City's defender and biggest superhero fanatic is finally coming to the big screen.  

Khan has slowly become one of Marvel's flagship characters since her debut back in 2014, and since she's finally joining the MCU in some fashion, I figured it was time to explore why exactly she'd be a perfect fit for the movies. 

Her powers will look cool on screen


As Ms. Marvel, Khan's powerset includes being able to change the size of any part of her body at will. She can flatten and decompress, inflate her fists to the size of boulders, or even shift to look like inanimate objects. On top of being fun and practical in superhero terms, these powers would look even cooler onscreen. Imagine the kind of thrill seeing Kamala hopping around Civil War's airport fight would've brought. Yea, I'm excited too. Speaking of Kamala's powers... 

Kamala could offer a potential Inhumans reset 


I know Marvel crashed and burned with the first Inhumans introduction, but hear me out here. Kamala's latent Inhuman powers are set off by the Terrigen Bomb in the comics, so what better way to bring her on than to incorporate this story and try to do it right this time? Instead of wasting the concept on (the vastly underrated) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and a crappy Game of Thrones knockoff, perhaps they could give it another go...after Kamala's had her moment in the sun? Lockjaw is also too good of a character to waste.  


Much-needed diversity


Even with Black Panther breaking box office records and Captain Marvel serving to be the MCU's first film with a female lead, we're still missing out on diversity. I couldn't possibly tell you how impactful seeing a Pakistani Muslim hero onscreen would be for young kids, a woman of color that young girls the world over could find themselves in. We talk very often about how important representation for every person of every color and creed is but don't stop to think about how characters like Kamala and her family aren't depicted well in mainstream film, if at all. This would be the ultimate course correction. 

Set up for new Avengers 


On the note of course correction, the MCU is in shambles right now and could use some fresh blood. Many Avengers we know and love will be checking out of the franchise for good once whatever Infinity War Pt. 2 winds up being called is done with. One thing that all of them have in common is that they're all older than 18 and adjusted to their lives as extraordinary people as full-grown adults (with the exception of Black Widow and Thor). 

Kamala is a high school student figuring out both adulthood and a new set of powers. Certainly a fresh perspective by both Avengers and general MCU standards. 

She's both a hero and a fan 

Having a chipper attitude about being among superheroes is one thing, but Kamala's admiration already hit another level long before she donned a cape. As a modern-day teenager, Kamala spends a lot of time on the internet chatting with friends and writing fanfic. She even admins on a few of 'em. 


We often talk about self-awareness as it relates to a superhero's capacity for pain.Every good hero has a gloomy origin story, the saying goes. But a hero like Kamala being able to enjoy the fruits of being a hero on top of having to fight back menace and self-doubt is a refreshing perspective the MCU needs. Even the Guardians of the Galaxy are funny by virtue of hiding damaged personalities. Let people enjoy things sometimes.