1. Even before the anime premiered on Netflix, people were excited for the character and how she broke the mold on cute Sanrio characters





2. The attitudes expressed by Aggretsuko feel way more modern and relatable, with an authenticity that millenials hunger for




3. There seems to be a cresting wave as underdog female characters have become more compelling than the standard "geek down on his luck" narratives that were omnipresent during the 80s and 90s.

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4. Which is not to say that relating to Aggrestsuko's plights with employment and dating is a gender-exclusive undertaking





5. But besides Retsuko, there's a whole cast of cute animal characters that feel more human than we'd like to admit

aggretsuko character guide

6. The fandom has been especially kind to Haida, the forlorn "nice guy" who manges to avoid a lot of creepy tropes and showcases a more nuanced and respectful version of the "friend with a crush" cliche.

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7. The one-off characters also tend to leave a strong impression as well





8. The English dub has been cast pretty well, with a lot of familiar voices from games and anime





9. For fanartists, Sanrio's simplistic graphic style is perfect for infinite remixes, redraws, and mashups





10. Plus, the supportive presence of Washimi and Gori are a shining light for those looking for women's solidarity in media

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11. Even though the show is family friendly, it still feels "mature"





12. Like previous Japanese mascots, she's a cute face that reflects their fans' values, struggles, and aesthetics



13. While at the same time, fitting in nicely with the traditions of subversive animation

Hot take: Pop Team Epic is just Japanese Ren and Stimpy and Aggretsuko is just Japanese Rockos Modern Life


14. Much like tumblr itself, Aggretsuko is broke, eager to pick a fight, and honestly just trying to do their best