Imagine what it must be like to be an NPC in a video game. You stand around all day spouting the same lines waiting to deliver the same item to the same traveler off to slay a dragon or mug pedestrians on the street and have very little to show for it. On top of that, you might have some sadistic players ready to torture you until they have to go grab their dinner off the stove. 

A handful of Redditors came forward with their experiences of putting NPCs through hell in various games. Enjoy your reading, you monsters. 

1. Every gang has orientation Crotchfirefly

evil gamer stories

Heh heh heh. Copy/pasted from the last time I answered this question. This is from skyrim.

Spoilers to follow. To set the scene:

One of the Dark Brotherhood missions involves assassinating a bride during her public wedding reception. You get bonus points for killing her as she's making a speech on a balcony with her new husband by her side.

Already pretty evil, right? Well, I decided to get creative.

One of the fun things you can do with pickpocketing in skyrim is planting a poison on the target which will then take effect. So here's what I did. I planted a black soul gem and a dagger enchanted with a soul trap effect on the groom, stole his existing weapon so he'd go right for the dagger in the event of a fight... then planted a powerful frenzy poison on him.

Not only did the groom spontaneously lose his mind and brutally murder his bride in front of a crowd of horrified onlookers, he stole her very soul, too. A guard killed him shortly thereafter and I took that his bride's freshly harvested soul from his corpse.

2. Just so you can watch them die???? sixesand7s

evil gamer stories - sims4

In the Sims (3?) I had my wife and home and was playing, until I noticed one of neighbors was flirting with my spouse. I encased them in a glass room inside of our bedroom and made him watch me and wife bang until he died of starvation

3. You know how it is with historic warlords...Portarossa

evil gamer stories - civilization

Alexander beat me to building Petra by one turn, when I had a city in the most perfect Petra set up you could imagine. I was playing as Spain and I'd gone for Desert Folklore over One With Nature; that's how perfect this set up was. I was fuming.

I built a tiny city in the most inhospitably shitty tile I could find (right up in the snowy wastes), and blocked it in completely with other cities until it was maybe one or two tiles big, no more. Then I laid waste to that son of a bitch. I took everything. I seeded the ground with salt. Every city I had no use for, I burned to the ground.

Then, just before I took his last city, I traded him the one-tile city I had renamed 'Alex's Shame Corner', trapping him in a desolate frozen wasteland for the rest of the game.

4. I hope that bad karma was worth your soul R3dGreen

evil gamer stories

My friend:

There's that homeless man slowly dying in the hot sun in Fallout 3 begging for water. Friend took the Rock-it Launcher and loaded it with a water bottle. Blew him away with it found the same water bottle and drank it over his dead body.

Fun game.

5. This is half the fun of Rollercoaster Tycoon tbh Slewed

evil gamer stories - themepark

Rollercoaster Tycoon (first one). I'd grab every person who complained and put them on a tile that was 1/2 a unit lower than the park. When it was a teeming mass of hundreds of unhappy customers I'd lower it quickly and then raise it so they'd fall under the map.

Then I realised you could put them on a bridge with no ends and watch them drown by deleting the bridge... The beeping alert sound spamming over and over is forever stuck in my brain.

6. To hack or not to hack? Sike definitely to shoot ChargingIdiot

evil gamer stories

Everytime i play Watch Dogs i dont actually play the campaign, i just scan people walking down the street and shoot them for trivial reasons. Has been arrested on charges of petty theft? Shit dude, a shot in the face

7. Certified worst person on the face of the planet Irishbread

I threw the baby penguin off the mountain in Super Mario 64.

8. Eh, MrTomDawson had it coming

evil gamer stories - fable

I killed a hooker in Fable 2, because she sided against me in a post-coital dispute. I was just messing about and seeing what would happen if I said yes to her (turns out, nothing, you just fade to black and then wake up), and so off we went to what I assumed was her house to do the deed.

It was not her house. The actual homeowner apparently turned up while we were asleep. He was pissed off, and decided to attack me for screwing hookers in his bed, which if I'm honest is fair enough.

And then the bloody hooker pulls out a gun and tries to shoot me in the back! Like, really, you brought us here and now you're taking his side?! They both had to die. The hooker for her treachery, and the homeowner because by that point I was feeling like the wounded party and just wanted to hit someone.

9. Who knew world conquest could be so intimately violent? vtelgeuse

evil gamer stories - crusader kings

Crusader Kings 2. And there's your warning.

Wives would often end up sleeping around with my subordinates. Usually, I'd just execute her. Whether I execute her lover, hold him for ransom, or strip him of his titles depends on how useful he is to me at the time and what the political climate is like.

This time... I could not afford to execute this wife. She had perfect stats, so I'd be at a severe disadvantage without her. But she continued to sleep around, even after she was caught and disciplined. So, I did what any good husband would do.

I had her blinded, and sentenced her to a lifetime of house arrest.

Her lover I imprisoned. Then I had him blinded. That automatically released him, but he was still considered a traitor. So, I got another free imprisonment out of him, and had him castrated. Then, I had him imprisoned again, and made his family shell out a small fortune for the privilege of defiling the royal consort. Then, I had him imprisoned again, and finally executed him.

Meanwhile, my blind wife spent her days in the same four walls, but would periodically try to make her escape. I'd like to imagine that she stumbled down the hallways until bumping into inattentive guards, continuing this futile dance until she died of old age.

10. NOT THE MOSS LADY frerky5

evil gamer stories

In the first Dark Souls I accidentally sliced the cute moss lady because I thought she was a monster. She hissed at me and retreated in her tunnel so I couldn't talk to her anymore. She eventually came down but I sometimes still feel guilty about that. 

11. You have fun spooling these people's minds like so much sausage? mdk_777

evil gamer stories - fallout 4

By far the worst one was in Fallout 4 on the questline where you agree to help a guy who's down on his luck by robbing a drug deal. So me, the guy I agreed to help, and the guy who knew about the deal and set the whole thing up in the first place went to the deal, and I ended up slaughtering everyone there. Before killing the drug dealer I interrogated her and promised her I would let her live if she told me where they manufactured drugs. Then instead of splitting the profits 50/50 with the guy like we agreed upon I intimidated him into giving me 80%. Then I decided to kill him so I could have all of it, which of course upset the other NPC who set up the robbery in the first place, so I killed him too. Then I hacked all their limbs off and threw them in the river so no one would ever know what happened. Then I used the information I got from the drug dealer to go rob their warehouse where they manufactured them. Once I got back to town I lied to the wife about what happened to her husband and said I would help with the investigation, she later gave me a picture that I took to the crime boss who convinced me to assassinate someone for some more money, and after the job was done I returned to the crime boss and killed him too. Then later on the daughter of another man I killed as part of the quest approaches me trying to figure out what happened to her father and I also lied to her and convinced her that it wasn't me, so she skipped town. I met her again later on and told her I killed her father, which causes her to become hostile, so I killed her too finally tying up the last loose end in a quest chain that involved me murdering and dismembering over a dozen people just to steal some drugs and money. I've never felt more like a psychopath than those few hours it took to complete the quest, but it was really fun.

12. You deserve to be on the bottom of this troll's foot vhite

evil gamer stories - black and white

Not just a single NPC...

Black & White is a rather creative strategy/puzzle game where you play as a god. The game does have a skirmish mode, and one of the maps there is shaped like a star, with main temples of all gods being close to the centre of the map, with a single tall mountain separating them, which has a single village on top of it. This means that whoever takes that village gets to extend their influence over the temples of the other gods. Destroying your opponents temple is how you win the game, but things aren't as simple as throwing a rock at it. Every temple redirects the damage they take to other possessions of its god, that's why you usually have to take their villages first. But you don't have to...

To sidetrack a little, I should also mention few things about the engine of this game. You can pick up and throw stuff in this game, and with some miracles, you can set things on fire. For some reason, rocks in this game have this interesting property that once you set them on fire, they take very long time to get extinguished.

How does that relate to the star-shaped map? Well I did take the village in the centre, I did set some rocks on fire and I did place them gently on the altar of a rival temple. A ray shoots out of the temples and some building in distance gets set on fire as you would expect. AI gods I'm playing against are, however, pretty dumb and they don't see that they should remove the burning piece of rock. Villagers try to put out the fire, the god is using the rain miracle, but their temple still beams the burning it receives from the rock back to that building. The building eventually burns down, with few people dead after trying to extinguish it, but the ray from their temple moves to another building, and then another, and then another. When the last building in the village burns down, the real fun begins. You see, the villagers are also considered to be the god's property, and so when the last building is gone, the damage transfer ray turns against them. This is not however a very efficient way of transfer, because the moment a villager is set ablaze, they are considered dead, and the ray moves to somebody else. What this looks like is that after the last building burns down, like a chain lightning, the ray moves through all the villagers in couple of seconds, who then run blazing, confused and screaming in all directions.

And then it moves to another village, and then another, and then another...

13. Kingdededoom

Spider-Man 2 movie tie in had an open world NYC. Take criminals to the top of the empire state bldg and throw them off. Bet you won't steal another purse..