Over on reddit, a bold band of gamers are sharing their favorite groan-inducing dad jokes based on the classic tabletop rpg Dungeons and Dragons. We've sorted through the true face-palmers and found 12 ones that actually made us give a reluctant smile. If you have a real epic whopper of a pun, you can add to the conversation at r/DMDadJokes


Tom the 8 Dex wizard is always giving his party anxiety bcause he cantrip at any moment
joke by Respect_The_Mouse



joke by DumpStatHappiness


A fighter was invited to a big gala, but turned down at the door because of the sword at his hip The fighter said to the doorman But its my 1
joke by Alexander_Ignotus



she didnt want to raise kids romancer joke
joke via moderatelypeaceful



I was looking through the PHB and discovered Detect Thoughts requires a copper piece youre literally giving someone a penny for their thoughts
joke via empoleon_master


PC: Id like to touch the carved wall and see if I can sense anything DM: You feel a great relief
joke via BriansBalloons



i need tarrasque you a question
joke via thisislisahall1



What happens when a lycanthrope wears an animal pelt they legally purchased Werewolf wore wolf wares, swore wolf wares were theirs
joke by Saint_Yin



I currently play a delicate barefoot cleric who has been cursed with bad breath Im a super calloused fragile mystic hexed with halitosis
joke by _alittlesomething



Why couldnt the bard multiclass into a monk He couldnt handle the ki change



joke by Florina_Listacia



necromancer pyromancer
joke via Temnai