1. He's got the most British name in showbiz history





2. And that name is one of the most well-established memes in tumblr history:


via fyoras-holy-butthole

3. So it's semi-ironic that the running gag with Doctor Strange is people commenting on HIS unconventional name as well





4. His singularly unique looks have made him an obsessive subject for fan-artists (artwork by Ali Seiffouri)

weird drawing benedict cumberbatch


5. But he's willing to share his beauty secrets




6. He knows how to promote a movie


7. He serves as a mentor for co-star Tom Holland, making sure he behaves as a responsible actor under contract


8. He's been shown to be nice to fans





9. He even raised money for healthcare in Africa... by holding a contest where fans could win a chance to have afternoon tea with him




10. Benedict Cumberbatch REFUSES to give into peer pressure





11. Since 2010, he and fellow thespian Tom Hiddleston have owned the collective soul of anglophiles and fangirls across the world


12. Even though the guy can't say the word "penguins" for reasons we have yet to determine