Whether it's as Spider-Man or trying to hold that frog in his mouth, Tom Holland is a joy. Bringing him into the fold was one of the smartest decisions made for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I'd like to imagine that this is how I'd act if I were 21 and headlining one of the biggest movies of the year in Avengers: Infinity War. and that's half the charm of watching Holland do his thing. 

There have been plenty of moments on his Twitter and on his press run where he's been funny, embarrassing, and charming all at the same time. Check them out below. 

1. Remembering an old Spider-Man costume party prank  

2. Encouraging kids to do the worst

3. Wondering about our education system

4. Spending time with fans in need


5. Forgetting Buzzfeed interview questions because puppies 


6.  Reliving his Lip Sync Battle performance

7. Revealing dark twisted secrets about himself 

8. Bailing on Madonna at a dinner party 

As put together as he may seem on social media, Holland has definitely had his moments laying around. He revealed to Gram Norton that one thing led to another at a dinner party with an old friend and he wound up taking Madonna to the dance floor. It...did not go as planned. 


The next morning, Holland told his family about it over FaceTime, and while his parents cringed, his brother asked the most important question: "Who's Madonna?" 

9. He and Anthony Mackie (fake) hate each other 

Anthony Mackie aka Falcon and Tom Holland haven't had very much screen time together before Infinity War, but that doesn't mean their isn't some playful tension between them.

There's some sort of "beef" going on between the two that's stretched across red carpets and interviews over the course of the last year or so, and it's been so much fun to watch. Regardless of whether or not Holland gets his protein shake, you can see the love in he and Mackie's eyes when they line up to roast each other. 

10. Giving some lucky fan free Kendrick Lamar tickets

11. Talking about wearing a thong underneath his Spider Suit