Mike Nieves has been featured across the internet for his intricate and imaginative builds that made him a viral sensation in the LEGO community. In 2016 he became the sanctioned "Master Model Builder" for the Philadelphia LEGOLAND Discovery Center.  Drawing upon his degree in mechanical engineering as well as his personal collection of over 30,000 pieces, he's made constructions that defy expectations. Oh yeah, and before somebody in the comments chimes in, many of these builds feature heavy use of "Technic" and "Bionicle" pieces as well, but it's that techno-organic energy that raises the game for what's possible with pre-molded plastic bits fastened by friction. 

That and, you know, they look FREAKING AWESOME.

You can find his portfolio at his flickr page and if you're ever on the East Coast you just might catch him IRL at the Philadelphia LEGOLAND Discovery Center.

1. Charizard


Charizard Tail


2. Zerg Ultralisk from Blizzard's Starcraft Games

Ultralisk Front

Starcraft: Ultralisk

3. Leafeon from the Pokemon Franchise

Pokemon: Leafeon


4. Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia



5. Mecha-Arcanine (also from Pokemon)

Arcanine 5

6. Mushu from Disney's Mulan



7. Protoman from Capcom's Mega Man Series

Commission: Protoman


8. Soundwave, Ravage, and Laserbeak from Transformers G1 Series

Transformers: Size comparisons


9. Harley Quinn (Arkham Asylum Variant)

Harley Quinn

10. Spartan Noble Six from the Halo Franchise

Noble VI