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Seeing a meme for the first time can be confusing and bewildering, but usually things fall into place once you figure out the meaning and context of the images. That's not really the case with Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud. This meme started as nonsense without context, and it has continued on like that to this day, even during a recent surge in popularity. 

Mario's pal was first accused of this serious crime on Tumblr in May of 2016. An exchange between users drn-000 and druddigon escalated as shown here


The concept of what is functionally a baby dinosaur engaging in a federal offense for monetary gain caught on soon after these posts, spawning a slow trickle of images and mock-up box art. Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud became more relevant on 2018's Tax Day, when parody video game music channel SilvaGunner posted a series of tracks from a fictional Yoshi game with the same name. In the days since, Yoshi memes have spiked considerably. They don't make any more sense now than they did before, but they're pretty fun all the same. 

Here are some of our favorites so far:

1. Many of the best memes revolve around the idea that Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud could be an actual video game released by Nintendo

2. Of course, that might have serious implications for the character

3. It doesn't matter if Yoshi hasn't been convicted -- he's guilty in the court of public opinion


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4. SilvaGunner has created multiple music tracks for this game; the commitment to the bit is kind of impressive

5. Word of Yoshi's misdeeds have even made it to the Splatoon 2 Miiverse


inset image by Trav_Ceejay


6. You kind of get the feeling this is only the beginning

7. This meme is weirdly versatile

8. You can even plug it into old comics and it works great


via Marley, original comic by robotatertot

9. There's a lot of box art out there, but this might be the best one

'Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud' is the Meme You Didn't Know You Wanted

10. Kirby, on the other hand, remains nice and pure


And yeah, Kirby's law-abiding adventures have their own theme song, too

11. People are going to great lengths to ensure Yoshi himself is admitting to lying about his income


12. Memes sure have come a long way