After dropping an initial teaser trailer for the film "Venom" that did not actually include (or really make reference to) the character Venom, Sony Pictures has made a very wise move with their follow-up trailer: actually include Venom in it. A bold decision, but PERSONALLY I think it's gonna work out for them:


And here I am, a skeptic of the entire notion of a Venom movie that doesn't include Peter Parker or Spider-Man in any capacity, actually EXCITED for the prospect of the Venom movie. For one, Tom Hardy is genuinely always great in everything, but more importantly: VENOM LOOKS COOL AS HELL. The teeth, the tongue, the voice, the BULK - it's all perfect.

Or, uh, at least better than Topher Grace.


For real though - the concept of Eddie Brock as a protagonist, navigating his newfound complicated relationship with the symbiote (pronounced "symb-EYE-ote" by Jenny Slate, for some reason) as almost a Dexter-esque deal ("Only kill bad people!") is pretty great, as is the physical comedy of the symbiote protecting Brock while he looks on in horror.

But, mostly, that last shot:

And hell, even the POSTER is pretty solid (which usually means bad things, but here I'm willing to have faith):

You got me, Sony. You got me good.