Whenever the Dorkly staff gets together for a meeting, the conversation is always immediately derailed and we end up spending 40 minutes talking about what movies we most want to watch on a plane. Inevitably, someone would say "We should be recording this," and a couple months ago we finally started doing just that. The Dorkly Podcast is a weekly wrap-up of events, news stories and other tidbits that cropped up in the previous seven days. Our rotating crew includes Tony Wilson, Julia Lepetit, Tristan Cooper (that is, uh, me), Jake Young, Dylan Green and Andrew Bridgman -- all moderated by our producer Luke Field, whose stony, judgmental silence is palpable in every episode.

This week, three of us are going in-depth of Marvel's Infinity War, talking about everything from fan theories to box office predictions. The cast might be a bit different week to week, but this episode is a good example of what the Dorkly Podcast is all about (especially our obsession with Paddington). You can subscribe to us on iTunes or anywhere else podcasts are found. 

Listen to "Episode 12: Disney's Marvel's The Avengers' Infinity War (sponsored by Thanos)" on Spreaker.

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