It's one thing to be completely immersed in a video game, but it's another thing entirely for a gaming experience to grab you by the spine. I'm not just talking about generic scary experiences from games like Resident Evil or Amnesia, either. It's the moments when you're so stuck in your routine that a wandering pet can make you yelp; the trepidation that comes with accidentally hitting the wrong button and having to watch a 10-minute cutscene over again. 

Sometimes, virtual wins over reality. Redditors from across the gaming spectrum can attest to that.  

1. Silence (and privacy) are golden, JCarnacki

On World of Warcraft in the Burning Crusade expansion, as my guild began our Kael'thas fight, my guild leader and his girlfriend started having extremely noisy sex over voice chat. It sounded like two walruses were locked in mortal combat with all of the grunts and bellows going on.

We were in the middle of of an extremely difficult boss fight and nobody could spare the time to minimize out to deal with them, so we had to rough out one of the most horrifying experiences I've ever had in a video game.

2. Was losing out on those sapphires worth the scream? slightly2spooked

I'd just sunk about 80 hours into Sunless Sea, on my 4th Captain, defeated bondage sharks, spiky balls of madness, and a giant spider, and survived. I was pretty sure I'd seen everything the game had to offer and it was just a matter of playing it safe until I completed my captain's ambition and retired.

So I'm making my usual sapphire run and on a whim I sail through an area I hadn't been in before. Suddenly I notice that the music is different. I check the chat log: 'something forgotten is here'.

Then the screen starts shaking. The fucking ocean splits in half below my ship and there's a goddamn fucking eyeball staring up at me, WATCHING ME.

I honest to god screamed in real life and slammed my laptop shut.

Later it turned out the eyeball had a quest for me.

3. No xenomorph is scarier than the common cat SessileRaptor

Not me but one of my friends. He was playing a FPS horror game on his PC (IIRC it was Aliens vs Predator or similar) with his newly bought 360 sound speaker setup. Dark room, intent on the screen, suddenly hears the sound of an alien behind him. He had kind of forgotten about the new speaker setup so it was genuinely horrifying in that moment.

And then his kitten pounces onto his shoulder and digs her claws in... He said it was the closest he's ever come to actually shitting himself.

4. Those wall-mounted holes that shot huge booger were legit terrifying sumrehpar_123

Dead Space 2. The entire game was extremely unsettling and scary. I actually remember playing it the first time with my friend. It had the best use of jump scares I have ever witnessed in a video game.

5. That one button press has much anxiety attached hail_the_mole_people

Ocarina of Time: definitely mashing the 'A' button over and over while the owl talks to you, then when he asks if he should repeat himself, you accidentally hit 'A' again


The sonic drowning music. Gah, still gives me anxiety

7. Water can be deep, quiet, restricting, and on top of all, scary beckybarbaric

I noped out of Bioshock when I got to the part where you fight the surgeon in the dark, water-filled room. I also noped out of Amnesia when I got to the part on the water. Water is scary.

8. Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place AbstractActa

Spoilers for Outlast.

Fairly early in the game you come across a pair of huge scary looking identical twins who are completely naked with dicks that could be used as weapons. Fortunately they're on the other side of some bars, but as they watch you walking by they casually comment to one another on all of the horrifying things they'd like to do to you--don't remember specifics, pretty sure rape and dismemberment are involved. Then later in the game you're walking down a hallway when a shape appears in front of you... it's one of those psychotic naked murder-rapers with a butcher knife! Oh shit, turn around and run---AHHHH it's the other one! What do I do? WHAT DO I DO!?!? Turns out what I did was died.

9. Diablo wasn't made for all of this. Legitimately horrifying LoveElle

ive always been really careful not to let out my real name or address and have gone so far as using other peoples address in bigger cities (i live in a small one) and old addresses from when i used to live somwhere larger id been online already nearly 6 years. started playing diablo 2 with my parents and later MSN and IMVU by myself, when i was 14 we had already moved to my small town and my cousin had an interest online too, she was a year younger than me. She gave too much out online i guess, and we are in a town with only 1 high school and she got identified by her picture and followed. She was kidnapped and held for two days before the cops found her in one of our only two motels, being held by a man and a woman, naked and tied to a chair in the shower, drugged out of her mind.

we never got the full story and my cousin pulled away from most of her friendships after that, she was a different person. Shes ok and a mom now, but I can only imagine the nightmare she went through.

Later, when i was like 16 or 17, id joined a skype for gamer friends and i was using my picture, a game tag and not my name or address, but this psycho singled me out, and harrassed and threatened me and told me (approximately) where i lived, and all this scary stuff. i straight up had Skype support erase me and ive been too afraid to talk to a lot of people since.

10. Memory card struggles will always be real to us meticulous_max

When I got a PS2 I borrowed Final Fantasy VII from a friend, thrilled to finally be able to play through it. It was a PS1 game but the PS2 was backwards compatible. What I hadn't realised when I started playing was that I would need a PS1 memory card to be able to save my game, so that night I left my PS2 running. In fact, I left it running all week, because I lived right out in the wilderness and there was not a quick or easy way to come by a memory card. I had just completed the first disc when there was a power cut.

11. 'Nuff said. Madusch

That fucking Piano in Mario 64!

12. Rookie mistake, my friend CatsMaySafelyMeow

Accidentally deleted my Dark Souls save file that was nearly to the end

13. Nobody believed me when I said that Alexa was out for blood stalk_craft

Picture it. There I was, home alone, playing Alien Isolation with headphones. I know any minute Giger's nightmare is going to be on me. I can hear him in the vents above me. Then, suddenly, it happened.

Alexa: "I'm sorry, I don't know the answer to that."

Thanks for the heart attack, Amazon. Also, who the hell were you talking too, cause it sure wasn't me.