Believe it or not, it's actually quite hard to make an "accurate" pokemon cosplay that doesn't veer off into nightmare fuel territory. But that didn't stop the fandom community, who looked to the Japanese tradition of gijinka (where otherwise non-human objects and characters are reimagined as humanoid characters) to capture the essence of these collectible monsters while showing off their love of cosplay and fashion. 

While the artform isn't always about boudoir photos and push-up bras, sometimes you have to admire the ingenuity it takes to turn some pixels and polygons into attractive photos. 

Here's 14 shots that might send you to the PokeCenter.

1. Unown by HeatherAfter Cosplay

pokemon gijinka unown cosplay


2. Trubbish by FrauDoku

photo by Another-Rose

3. Seadra by Hailey S Cosplay

seadra sexy pokemon cosplay
photo by Dave Yang Photography


4. Lunala by @shellynotshally

lunala pokemon hello cosplay gijinka
photo by BlizzardTerrak


5. Snowrunt by Azayaka Cosplay

snowrunt funny fashion cosplay
photo by  Philip Sustachek

6. Umbreon by Miu Moonlight

Umbreon cosplay gijinka
photo by BenImages


7. Mega Rayquaza by Nayru Cosplay

photo by Reflektierend


8. Plusle and Minun by LadyMella and Usagiko

photo by Shutterfoo


9. Gourgeist by Jamberrii

sexy pokemon cute pokemon cosplays players gourgeist
photo by Antiiheld


10. Wartortle by Kitsune Kid

aquatic marine pokemon cosplay fun cosplay play girls
photo via m9cosplay


11. Flareon by ArashiHeartgramm

flareon pokemon gijinka
photo by Roberto Donadello


12. Talonflame by Scarlet-Cosplay

Talonflame kemon gijinka cosplay
photo by MH Photography


13. Primarina by MeltingMirror

photo by photosNXS Photography


14. Articuno by Midge Scully

midge scully articuno thing dorkly pokemon cosplays
photo by ObscuraVista