In a staggeringly short amount of time, Fortnite's Battle Royale mode has gone from snickering punchline to one of the most singularly dominant games in the entire world, having broken 40 million downloads. This level of popularity means that the game has made the jump into a full "normie crossover hit", on the same level as industry pillars such as Call of Duty, Madden, and FIFA. As we speak, if you were to peer into the millions of dorm rooms and frat houses across the country, it's incredibly likley that it's the candy-colored 1 vs. 100 deathmatch that's on the big screen.

So what are young men going to do when they're bored and huddled close together with plenty of access to alcohol?


And thus: The #fortnitechallenge was born.

The rules are simple, wait until your friend is one of the last two players left in the round, and...

#fortnitechallenge ? || #noticiasgeektv #Fortnite

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What you have to understand is that a player can be logged in for hours and never get CLOSE to winning, making the betrayal all the more brutal

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It's this state of hyper-adrenaline intensity that makes me think that this is NOT going to end well for somebody

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So remember, it's up to us to treat each other kindly, and maybe, just maybe, nobody is going to get pummelled to death with a mini-keg this year due to a hashtag