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One day I was playing black ops with my friends and generally acting like an ass. After the match, some guy on my team sent me a message calling me retarded. Later, before stopping playing, I took a look at his gamercard and noticed that he was watching the usual suspects on netflix. Having seen that movie, I replied to his message by telling him who Keyser Soze was.-JCH
A while ago I was playing Halo 3 and there were two players called Obama(…) and America(…). And I guess they were playing like anyone else, when Obama betrayed America, and so there stood: Obama(…) betrayed America(…). I was playing with a bunch of friends, so we laughed our ass off.-Cpkiller1
I was playing black ops one night and heard in the lobby a few people talking. During their conversation one of them blurted out "Cody's sister pissed in the fridge dude." -Schaffe

I partied up with a guy in Halo: Reach, right off the bat he mumbling something angrily. When I said pardon he explained: "Oh sorry I was just yelling at my girlfriend. She kept trying to choke me while I was playing."-Sam
I jumped into a game of squad deathmatch on Bad Company 2 and ended up in a squad of 3 with 2 other guys with the same clan tag TMZ.  At the start of the match, one of the guys starts singing the Pokemon theme song, joined shortly by his friend doing the instrumental a capella, sprints straight out into the middle of the map, and once he completed the entire song he stopped, threw a motion mine straight up into the air, and screamed "PIKACHU, I CHOOSE YOU!" Every motion mine he threw after that, he either "chose" a different Pokemon, or attempted to "capture" one of the a wild enemy soldier.-Billy
My old roommate was probably the worst shit-talker of all time. One time while playing Halo 2, someone saved his ass and he said "I like you, you can come over my house and fuck my sister." Another time, after a kid says something about his mom's panties, my roommate replied "Joke's on you, my mom doesn't wear panties!"-Bob