You'd think that the news of Dark Souls Remastered coming to the Switch would be the biggest news to come out of the most recent Nintendo Direct, but some folks that's not the case. Alongside a few other ports of old games, Nintendo revealed that Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze will be arriving on the console/handheld hybrid some four years after it was originally released on Wii U. What's more, a bonus mode would for the rerelease includes a playable Funky Kong. 

Yes, Funky Kong is basically just Donkey Kong with sunglasses, a bandana and cutoff jorts, but there's something so irresistibly genuine and earnest about his Poochie-esque 90s 'tude. Twitter quickly latched onto this announcement, and it more or less instantly became a meme. 

1. You have to understand, some fans are kind of overwhelmed by the idea of replaying a great game with a great character

2. Believe it or not, Funky was kicking around in the conversation even before this most recent reveal

3. Now that Funky has been re-exposed to a larger audience, many people's first instinct is to protect him

4. The Tropical Freeze box art on Switch has a classic corner tear to show off the new features of the game. This was quickly edited into an easily Photoshoppable PNG for future use

5. And so, a meme was born. The official DOOM account was one of the first to get in on the action

6. By now, pretty much every game imaginable has been combined with "New Funky Mode"

7. It works extraordinarily well with Dark Souls Remastered, just announced for Switch

8. Funky Kong slips right into the Dark Souls Universe

9. It's like he was sitting at Firelink Shrine all this time

10. That's not to say the concept can't be improved upon

11. Okay, maybe this is too far

12. "New Funky Mode" has officially joined the pantheon of classic add-on memes

13. If there's one thing to take away from all this, it's that we shouldn't repeat past mistakes