10. Until Dawn


Set on the fictional snowy Blackwood Mountain, Until Dawn stars a group of eight teenagers taking a holiday vacation when suddenly things go wrong. After a prank goes wrong and two of them end up dead, they return to that spot a year later to reconcile. But once again, things aren't as they seem. The teens are now being stalked by a killer and stumble upon something much worse. Your choices within the game change how the rest of the story plays out and with many choices to be made, there's a lot of replayability.

9. Horizon Zero Dawn


When Sony first announced Horizon Zero Dawn at E3 2015, they showed off the protagonist, Aloy, taking down a massive robotic dinosaur with a bow and arrow. From the get-go, the game showed a scale that we wouldn't know would work out until release and when it finally came out, it did not disappoint. Taking place in the far flung future where humanity has devolved into tribes that dot the retaken landscape.

As Aloy, you are an outcast orphan that must find out what happened to your parents and uncover secrets of the Earth's past. The more you play, you'll unlock more abilities, such as the ability to slow down time while aiming shots or controlling the robot animals to ride or attack enemies. The open world contains much to explore and the story is exciting all the way to the end while also leaving room for more adventures in the future.

8. Night in the Woods


Night in the Woods will hit home with a lot of people. This is an adventure game exploring mental illness, depression, the politics of a town with many economical problems and the issues most 20-somethings deal with. You take up the role of Mae Borowski, a black cat and college dropout returning home to just figure things out. You meet up with her old friends, go to band practice, explore the old mall, go to parties, and try to figure yourself, and the town, out. It's an important game for anyone who feels disaffected about their place in life.

7. Bloodborne


You are a Hunter. Your city of Yarnham is plagued with an illness turning people into werewolves and other monsters who then stalk the streets. You are on a journey to find a cure for all this but may be in a little over your head. Bloodborne runs in the same vein as FromSoftware's other series, Dark Souls, but departs in many ways with faster combat and streamlined RPG mechanics while keeping their known difficult and epic monster designs.  

6. Ratchet & Clank


The Ratchet & Clank series was one of the most interesting and inventive action platformers on the PlayStation 2 and Playstation 3, so when this remake was announced for the Playstation 4, needless to say I was excited. This reimagining offers all the wacky weapons and gameplay of the original series, while bringing the graphics up to modern standards and giving the player plenty to do along the way.

You play as Ratchet the Lombax, and his little robot sidekick Clank, as they travel to various planets trying to thwart the nefarious, well, Dr. Nefarious and his plan to rule the galaxy. The game offers plenty of side missions to complete along with hoverboard races, aerial combat missions, and a challenge mode to keep you coming back for more even after completing the main story.