15. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection


Uncharted is the closest thing to an Indiana Jones movie we've ever gotten as a game, and that's saying something because there's been Indiana Jones video games released in the past. Nathan Drake is a charismatic treasure hunter equipped with plenty of skills to get the job done and the jokes and quips to keep you entertained.

This collection includes the three Playstation 3 Uncharted games with increased resolution to look much better on the Playstation 4. You'll have plenty of adventures looking for treasure, running and gunning, and discovering secrets among the ruins in places like Panama, Nepal, and the Arabian Peninsula.

14. The Jackbox Party Pack


There are four Jackbox Party Pack games and each one of them is an invaluable addition to any game collection. Each Party Pack is a collection of party games, as I'm sure you've gathered from the name, that can all be played without a controller. When you start up each game, you're given a room number and anyone with access to a browser can play. And you'll have access to quiz games, drawing games, and a wild mish-mash of games that are perfect for gatherings and holidays to keep guests entertained.

13. Mafia III


Lincoln Clay is a mixed African American man raised as an orphan in the Black Mob in New Bordeaux and a Vietnam War vet returning home in 1968. He meets up with his old family and everything seems to be fine until his family is betrayed by the Mafia, specifically the Marcano family, and his stepfather is killed. This sets Lincoln off on revenge mission to destroy the Marcanos by taking them out piece by piece. While the gameplay is fine, the mission structure gets very repetitive, but what the story is something to experience. It captures the racial tensions of the 60s and is an important step for game storytelling to take.

12. NieR: Automata


How to explain NieR: Automata... well, the first NieR was a spin-off to the Drakengard series, which was a depressing action series about humanity, war, dragons, and gigantic flying cannibalistic babies. The first NieR takes place in a post-apocalyptic Earth about a father attempting to rescue his daughter from a being known only as The Shadow Lord. Automata on the other hand is about robots fighting a war for humanity against aliens. I assure this all makes sense in context. I don't want to spoil anything for you because it's all so fascinating but the compelling world created by Yoko Taro is a sight to behold.

11. InFamous Second Son


The world of InFamous is a world inhabited by superpowered humans called Conduits and Second Son takes place 7 years after the events of InFamous 2 where previous protagonist Cole MacGrath has saved the world from a powerful Conduit known as The Beast and sacrificed himself to cure humanity from a plague but kills most other Conduits . After the incident, the United States government has created a new organization known as the Department of Unified Protection, or D.U.P, that is used to hunt down all remaining Conduits.

You take control of Delsin Rowe, a Conduit with the power to absorb others powers and must protect yourself and defeat the D.U.P. agents that have taken over your Seattle home. But don't worry, you've got plenty of cool powers and allies on your side.