Everyone knows that video games have had a huge impact on not on us individually, but society as well. Whenever a game takes an experience to the next level, it reminds us that video games have a power that no other form of entertainment has. When Redditor luckyvonstreetz posed the question "what was your 'holy shit, this is amazing' moment in gaming", people came out of the woodwork to answer. Here are our fiften favorite answers.

1. Spaaaaaaaaaaaace

in Portal 2, the moment where you realise you have to shoot the moon -samfringo

2. "No matter what happens now, you done good kid."

The ending of Bastion. Carrying Zulf to safety despite what he'd done, his people forgiving me despite what I'd done. -gearpuppy

3. Enter heavenly singing

Looking up into the sky and seeing the Ring for the first time in Halo: Combat Evolved. I had never experienced a sense of scale like that before in gaming, and it was breathtaking. -TheDirtyMailman

4. Who knew the Wasteland would be so beautiful.

Exiting the vault for the first time in Fallout 3. -AManGotToHaveACode

5. "It's so beautif-woah wait there's an enemy nearby?"

The first time seeing the outside world after finishing the intro dungeon in Oblivion -Ersh777