Everyone knows that video games have had a huge impact on not on us individually, but society as well. Whenever a game takes an experience to the next level, it reminds us that video games have a power that no other form of entertainment has. When Redditor luckyvonstreetz posed the question "what was your 'holy shit, this is amazing' moment in gaming", people came out of the woodwork to answer. Here are our fiften favorite answers.

1. Spaaaaaaaaaaaace

in Portal 2, the moment where you realise you have to shoot the moon -samfringo

2. "No matter what happens now, you done good kid."

The ending of Bastion. Carrying Zulf to safety despite what he'd done, his people forgiving me despite what I'd done. -gearpuppy

3. Enter heavenly singing

Looking up into the sky and seeing the Ring for the first time in Halo: Combat Evolved. I had never experienced a sense of scale like that before in gaming, and it was breathtaking. -TheDirtyMailman

4. Who knew the Wasteland would be so beautiful.

Exiting the vault for the first time in Fallout 3. -AManGotToHaveACode

5. "It's so beautif-woah wait there's an enemy nearby?"

The first time seeing the outside world after finishing the intro dungeon in Oblivion -Ersh777

6. Fourth wall? What wall?

The first time DOOMGUY said "fuck you" to story exposition and smashed the console talky man was trying to talk at him through. -LawnShipper

7. The freedom is mind blowing.

When I first played Minecraft and realized I could mine and build anything and anywhere. -_LaserManiac_

8. And yet now games are embracing isometric graphic designs.

When GTA3 came out and we were actually on the road instead of overhead -icecreampopncereal

9. Let the beauty move you.

Journey. Two times: The end of the sand surfing section and the top of the mountain. -Semicolon7645

10. So basically just "all of Halo".

The ending of Halo:Reach

During the game, you're a team of 6 Spartans. You see 3 of them die (first one gets killed by a sniper, second one sacrifices himself to blow up a space station, third one kamikazes some robot thing that's blocking your path while you're on your way to deliver Cortana), then right at the end you see another die, just as you've finally delivered Cortana.

The ship comes to get you out of there. You say "fuck it" and you stay behind and kill as many of the Covenant as you can until you finally die.

The mission you play then just said "survive". First some little dudes come, you easily kill them. Then some Elites, okay no biggie. But they just keep coming, more and more. So eventually you die. First I thought "what the hell this is impossible" but then the cutscene happened where you get overwhelmed and get killed, followed by the credits. Then I realised that this was actually the end and my mind was blown -Zephorian

11. Older brothers, ruining games for all of us.

Basically all of Metroid Prime, but the initial entry to Talon IV and the first zone on planet were beautiful. The first experience I had with the game was when I was a kid watching my older brother play, and I remember being upset when he played without me there to watch. It was better than a movie to me. That game was just so incredible. I think I need to go replay it. -PukefrothTheUnholy

12. The beauty of anonymous strangers is a thing that sometimes... ok rarely happens.

Playing World of Warcraft for the first time back in Vanilla. I had never really played an online game before. I was blown away by all the people running around and talking to each other. I remember running around killing boars and a green item dropped and I was so excited that I messaged my friend about it. I've spent over a decade chasing that feeling...never really found it again. I think if Star Citizen ever manages to be what it's attempting to be it may come close. -uacoop

13. Feeling like you're actually accomplishing something? That's definitely a new feeling.

Just playing Half Life 2 in general.

The pacing is so perfect--how it's pretty hum drum, but then you see some guards coming after you and the music picks up. I'm not even a huge video game fan but I felt like I was starring in my own action film.

And there were so many beautiful moments too--like when you're looking out at the coastline. Or just the feeling of helping the rebellion was nice. -0asq

14. Simply, awesomely.

Giraffe scene

The Last of Us -BrontanamoBay

15. Who knew someone making you feel small and insignificant could make you feel so good.

The first boss in Shadow of the Colossus.

As a longtime gamer, it was refreshing to see a game where you no longer had to go through hordes of small fry. Just you and your trusty steed, exploring this beautiful landscape.

Then you come up against this colossus, who honestly doesn't give a damn about you because you're about the size of its big toe. If it wasn't for your magic sword, you'd have no way of taking it down.

So you gather your nerves and just go for it. Your character makes a mad dash to latch onto the exposed fur on its leg. And your character, who is probably a formidable warrior by all rights, is just dangling there, helplessly hanging on for dear life while the colossus tries to shake off this mosquito.

After struggling to reach the head of the giant, you finally see it. This magical glyph that will allow you to fell the giant, so long as you have the strength to shatter it with your sword. All the while, the giant is trying its best to shake you off.

But eventually, you claim victory, and the colossus collapses unto the ground below, shaking the earth and clouding the air with dust.

It's a shame that no other games have followed in its footsteps. -Admiral_Burrito