1. Sheik, the Sage of Yuletide by Sisa Cosplay

legend of zelda zelda ocarina of me nintendo christmas cosplay


2. Santa of Rivia (Witcher III) by Taryn Cosplay

Cosplayers Who Got Really Into the Holiday Spirit

3. Jason the No-Nosed Ranger by Kojima San Cosplay

mighty morphin power rangers jason christmas armor dragon shield


4. Levi "Santachou" Ackerman by ErikarnayaCosplay



5. Joker's Eggnog by One Bad Day Cosplay

creepy joker cosplay

6. Christmas Cammy by Megan Coffey

street fighter cammy cosplay legs christmas tights sweater


7. The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who by Twinzik Cosplay



8. Ruby Rose Gets a Present by Labinnak & Mangoloo

RWBY christmas special holidays


9. Tinkerbell by Tink-Ichigo



10. Cozy Xenomorph Queen by Giulietta Zawadzki

xenomorph christmas splay funny cosplay memes