1. It all started with this thread from YouTuber and Proud Weeb Trinimortal that went viral in the Otaku corners of twitter

trinimortal earth chan tweet


2. Almost instantly, his fans began trying to visualize his idea (mockups by @flytedify)

earth chan anime fake screenshots

sunchan student council president

3. Soon, artists began itirating on each other's ideas and the character's mythos began to grow (art by @felipecunhaeloi)

Im not flat earth loli


4. Eventually gelling around this continental-haired girl who lacks self-esteem and whose health was precarious due to her unfortunate human infestation (Designs by DatWeirdoWhoLuvsMilk)




5. The phenomenon of "Gijinka" personification isn't new, but converting our home planet into a frail moe girl mirrors our own concern for the world we live in. (via r/animemes)


6. Could this be what drives the often right-leaning community of Internet otaku to start caring more about the environment!?

environmental anime memes


7. Perhaps Earth-Chan is the symbol we need now that Hippy-Dippy imagery of "Mother Earth" has fallen by the wayside...

earth anime sa


8. Like Liberty or Justice, a female avatar for science, conservation, and our shared responsibilities as global citizens?

who would win


9. Or, it's just another goofy trope-filled waifu for fun-loving horndogs to draw fanart of... yeah probably it's that. 



10. No matter what, let's be kind to Earth-Chan. She's young, emotional, and needs all the love we can muster  (painting by EkalinaArt)