The trailer for the long-awaited Alita: Battle Angel dropped today, after years and years (and years) of James Cameron saying he was definitely going to make it, in-between his time diving to the bottom of the ocean and quietly making the most successful movie of all-time. And - lo and behold - he actually DID make it...sorta. He wrote and produced it, but Sin City / Spy Kids director Robert Rodriguez took over the actual directorial duties. Check it out:

For the most part, it looks pretty interesting - some cool visuals, nice cyberpunk aesthetic, Christoph Waltz, and...ENORMOUS ANIME EYES ON ALITA. No one else looks augmented by CGI or stylized in any real way, but Rosa Salazar as Alita has the most out-of-place crazy moe eyes you can imagine. To be clear - this wouldn't look so jarring if anyone else was similarly altered looking, but it's ONLY HER.

If you're not familiar with the original works, check out the above comparison - Alita's look IS pretty consistent with the manga/anime, but no one else's is. In short, it's weird they chose this route.

Naturally, this was the internet's big takeaway of James Cameron's forever-in-development passion project:

There were a few people who were able to move past the weird eye thing, and focus on what was TRULY important in the trailer: