Reddit user BulkDarthDan asked the question "what is your dream video game" and honestly, we had to stop from writing an entire essay ourselves. Instead, everyone else had some great ideas of their own. Here are our favorite entries:

1. The fate of the galaxy rests in your road maps.

A Sim City/Civilization/KSP/NMS Mashup.

Basically, Civilization, but on a micro- galactic scale.

The idea being that you design your Civilizations from the ground up, starting with one city BC, designing it and building the roads, dealing with traffic and pollution and crime. Then building another city, connecting them, managing resources to/from them on a micro scale, developing yourself as a nation, fighting turf wars globally until you achieve peace or domination, space flight, then begin exploring and expanding to the stars, starting over on another planet, building it up until you control two planets, connecting them until you have an intersolar civilization, and so on until your civilization spans the galaxy. -xerox13ster

2. Clever girl...

Jurassic Park à la Alien: Isolation. -brunosssaur

3. RIP us

Star citizen once it comes out 10 years from now -KaptinKrazy66

4. Accio GAME!

Harry Potter RPG.

I want to carve out my own role at Hogwarts, get sorted into a house, have a "house" story to complete and get swept up in some overarching existential threat to Hogwarts. Explore secret areas, make allies, go to class.

I am essentially asking for the Harry Potter themed child of Skyrim and Bully. -I-DildoSwaggin

5. Nah it's cool I have 14 terrabites to dedicate to a single game.

GTA. But there's a population counter. You can technically kill everyone on the map. But the more that people die, the more fortifications and factions start to appear, leading into some kind of Fallout-style system. GTAV was about 60GB, and we know they had 2+ DLCs planned that would have changed the entire map as a whole. I can't imagine it'll be far in the future when we could have a game like this that changes the map procedurally based on the population count, rural/city areas, resources around the local area (people in woods make wood fortifications, cities make industrial glass/metal/concrete ones etc). A game where you have the freedom of GTA, the visuals of GTAV in 8K or 16K or something ridiculous, and the map evolution of a procedurally generated game. -RedBubble_RedPanduh