I recently wrote an article pleading with Nintendo to add microtransactions to Mario Odyssey, specifically to help me beat the Jump Rope Genius challenge - which asked players to get 100 successful jumps in a row, a task that was proving too difficult for me. But that was before I figured out THE ULTIMATE SECRET TO BEATING THAT CHALLENGE. And now I share it with all of you...

1. Don't use the moped, the moped sucks


I've heard it a million times - "the moped has a consistent jump height regardless of how hard or long you hold the buttons and therefore gives you an advantage." But you need to consider this: I'm really bad at driving the moped and I usually mess up and immediately get a "Miss" on the jump rope, so it sucks.

2. Wear the clown hat and underpants


Listen - lots of people will tell you "the outfit choice doesn't actually affect gameplay," but they're DEAD WRONG. Think about it - is Mario going to be more aerodynamic in a business suit, or wearing nothing but his undies? OBVIOUSLY just the undies - no extra fabric weighing him down, creating wind resistance, and generally acting as an uncomfortable dressing to be physically active in.

"But why the clown hat and wig?" you might also ask. Here's the thing - clowns are INCREDIBLY acrobatic and lithe, able to do all kinds of pratfalls and complex physical movements as smoothly as possible. After all, that's a pretty good portion of their jobs! So take the essence of that (exemplified in the clown hat and wig) and dump the part that slows clowns down - the actual baggy clown outfit.

In the end, you have the PERFECT outfit for jump rope.

3. Don't get easily frustrated or write a lengthy article about how mad you are at the game and ask Nintendo to add microtransactions to it so that you can just pay to be done with it.


Haha man, what a loser you'd have to be to do that.

4. Completely zone out after you've gotten 70 jumps or so and just mindlessly keep tapping "jump" and pray to god you don't mess up


Basically just enter a fugue state where you don't really feel like you're in your body, let alone responsible for the movements and actions its taking. You're more like an outside observer who can only passively watch events unfold.

5. Snap back after a while to discover you've done 108 jumps and have gotten the Power Moon


It's that simple! The little sound effect of a Power Moon appearing should zap you back to your body, which will cause you to mess up almost immediately, topping you out at exactly 108 jumps.

Note that you will literally never be able to repeat this ever again. This happened to you ONCE after like 9 hours of on-and-off attempts, and you only got it once you more or less threw your hands in the air and said "fuck it" and stopped actually caring. I don't actually have any meaningful advice beyond "find a rhythm and pray to God you don't mess up" but that wouldn't really have been substantial enough to justify an article.

If you're still having trouble with this challenge, I highly recommend getting insanely mad at it for hours and then hearing someone on Twitter tell you to randomly hit jump during the last 50 jumps and getting EVEN MADDER that someone NOT EVEN TRYING has finished this and you can't, and then give up all hope and give it one last shot anyhow. And then you'll get it. Maybe.


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