Leifashley27 on Reddit posed the question "If the Star Wars series was rated R, what scenes would have changed?" Well, people had a lot ot say on this and quite frankly, we're interested. Here's our favorite entries.

1. Yadda yadda, death, dismemberment, yadda yadda yadda

Chewie tearing someone's arms off.

Jabba's dancers would have been topless.

Maybe Anakin's slaughter of the sand people or younglings would have been played out to be more cruel. -speezo_mchenry

2. Don't want to think about it. No thanks.

The scene of Anakin slaughtering the sand people would have been more brutal. And he would have found his mom is much worse shape than just passed out in a tent. -Young_Omni_Man

3. Look, kids! Torture!

We would've seen Leia's interrogation scene in episode 4 -iagolima

4. "For I must be traveling on, now. Cause there's too many ppeople I've got to stab"

Obi-Wan's fight during the Cantina scene would have been a bloody slaughter of the entire bar set to Free Bird. -nhnolan

5. Mmmm chunks.

That part in Episode VII with that murderball tentacled thing would have been sooo much more... Bloody is not descriptive enough. I'm gonna go with Chunky. -GottaKnowFoSho

6. Me'sa so fucking angry!

Jar Jar Binks using profanity.

Jesus, that'd fucking hilarious. -shitterplug

7. A true teen's response.

"Luke, I am your father"


"FUUUUUCCCK!" -gavlarrr93

Which of course means:

"How's Padme? Is she... alright?"


"FUUUUUCCCK!" -FerreroEccelente

8. Cooked sausage anyone?

Just seeing a lot of people being slashed open by a light saber and guts falling out. Also a shot were someone is cut in half by a light saber and both parts fall different ways would be cool. There are probably a lot of creative ways to kill people with lightsabers other then stabbing them or maul being cut in half. -cptfuckingmagic

9. Just give this person a movie already.

Menacing insinuation of torture would be replaced with explicit, on-screen torture. Clean, crisp deaths by lazer fire and explosions would be replaced by people crying out in agony at having their flesh seared and their limbs blown off. Silly, alien language swear words would be replaced by 'fuck' and 'shit' and the like. Characters clearly intended to be suggestive and provocative in their attire would be partially, if not wholly nude. Substance abuse would be a thing.

Episode One

Naboo invasion includes scenes of barbaric civilian slaughter in the street by emotionless droids set to kill.

Trade Federation Leader makes not-so-veiled comments on his lecherous intentions for Queen Amidala after the conquest ("Darth Sidious told us to make her submit. He did not say what we must do afterwards...")

Slave brutality rampant on Tatooine; we are shown the effect of the detonating device instead of being told about it by Anakin/Shmee

Pod race has very visceral crash wreckage aftermath.

Chancellor Valorum is ousted because of falsified evidence of him making love to Jawas...or children. Maybe Jawa children.

Qui Gon is slowly stabbed a la Saving Private Ryan instead quickly.

Maul's guts are in full view as he falls.

I could do all the other movies, but this post is old already and no one really reads comments hours later, so I should probably stop. You get the idea anyways. -JosefTheFritzl


Nice try Lucas. Guys don't give him any ideas for the re-releases. -theantagonist


Reading this thread I have to conclude that the films are fine as they are... -Pishwi