1. Okay but for real.

"That Hogwarts was considered one of the safest places in the world." -szeto326

2. No wonder Ron was so nervous to get his homework in...

"Punishment for first years breaking rules: go into the sketchy magic forest and have a look around! Monster in the walls petrifying people around every corner? Mmm, we'll figure it out. Now kids if you want to go to the very safe village next door you need a permission slip!! No exception for abused orphans!!" -rainbowtutucoutu

3. Preg-oh-no

"Sexual education, or the lack of it." -Br0z0

4. Just say a few words and wham bam goodbye ma'am

"Obliviation. Gilderoy Lockhart was a wuss, with no real accomplishments other than being handsome and the ability to obliviate.

Hermione gave her parents life without her. How deeply were those memories engrained?

And let's not forget Aurors, and whatever the Muggle damage control department was called. They obliviate people left and right. What all memories are erased? How does anyone know if their memories are real?

That, or the giant spiders" -InsideJokeQRD

5. Don't do well in school? Too bad.

"Getting expelled from school, like Hagrid was, is basically dooming the entire rest of the child's life. At least in the muggle world, if you get expelled, nothing stops you from continuing to pursue an education. It's not like it's illegal for you to read a book or do algebra or learn a trade. But they don't just stop learning magic, they're BARRED from using it. In a world where literally everything is done with magic. What are they supposed to do with the rest of their lives? Even unskilled or manual labor isn't worth hiring them for, considering there's nothing they could do that couldn't be done more quickly and efficiently with magic. And they can't even make it by just going into the muggle world, because they have no normal education or social skills." -howsthatwork