The subjective quality of the DC Extended Universe has been one of the more divisive subjects in fan circles since Zack Snyder first started his great deconstruction project with 2013's Man of Steel. Many were critical of the franchise's poorly implemented dark tones, and often confounding editing decisions as the filmmakers, studio, and actors all seemed to be out of sync with what critics and audiences want from a superhero movie. But there's a hardcore fanbase that appreciates what the team has done with such conventional characters and are absolutely enthralled with Snyder's visual panache. 


The tales of rewrites, reshoots, personal tragedy and studio flailing has hounded the production of Justice League, leading many to believe that this film would be an even bigger misfire than the critically panned Batman V. Superman. But less than an hour ago, the social embargo lifted for critics/audiences who attended early screenings and the reactions were not what people were expecting...

1. Most people are willing to forgive a lot if the movie delivers on a good time


2. Some were unequivocally positive

3. Perhaps the screenwriters learned from their critics?


4. Or, perhaps they're still making some old mistakes


5. Many are drawing links to the DC Animated Universe

6. A hopeful change of pace from what came before


7. Lots of talk of success despite its shortcomings


8. Is the change of direction too little, too late?


9. Between this and Thor Ragnarok we're feasting on "funny" heroes


10. Not everyone was so kind to the movie...


11. The truth (most likely) is somewhere in-between


12. Still, it could have always been worse!