1. No one DARE touch the dog.

Dogmeat! So help me if someone tries to mess with him. -Savant-Bard

2. We've all been there.

The Man who needed toilet paper who was stuck in the toilet at the inn from The legend of Zelda Majoras Mask. -Dingus_or_Hunk

3. Is a sun so much to ask for?

"Solaire of Astora. Dude is just trying to find his sun. I've only saved him once...i usually fuck up somewhere along his questline and he goes insane." -BrutalFuckingTruth

4. Can he be our dad please?

Joel from the last of us. -jumpin_pixels

Adding to that, Legend017 says:

Poor guy had his daughter die in his arms too.

5. The dork we all want to be.

Alistair Theirin from Dragon Age: Origins. I love that dumb goofy nerd more than I love the majority of real people I've dated. He's just so awkward and sweet, but with that sharp undercurrent of intelligence and courage underneath everything he does. And he was supposed to be a Templar but has no prejudice against mages! (Looking at you, Cullen.) -mythscomealive

6. Dude is just trying his best.

The Wander from Shadow of the Colossus.

That game still gets me for so many reasons.

-Great sense of adventure -He's nameless, but you still identify with him so much. -He'll do anything for the one he loves. -Had courage to face insurmountable odds. -Badass companion (god damn heart strings when you think the horse dies). -In the end he succeeds in his quest, but wont be around to reap the benefits. -salsalover90

7. Behind the chainsaw gun was a lot of emotions.

Dom Santiago. He spent 2 games looking for his wife and by the third he was a soulless husk. His death in 3 really hit me hard and Marcus' reaction afterwards "I just lost my fucking brother, alright!?" was so heavy. Also, having his son's middle name be Dominic was a nice touch. -prboi

8. Who knew a guy that never spoke could be all of us

Link. He reminds me of what I wanted to be when I was a child. I remember playing OOT and thinking that I could also save the world one day. -fightthewalrus

9. Look at this team! We're going to do great.

My Pokémon team in any given Pokémon run through. I get really attached to them. Any one else have pride for them and feel betrayed or disappointed in them as if they were real?? -hyrulianpokemaster

10. RIP Halo beach marines.

Jenkins from Halo 3!

I should explain. Back in 2007 when Halo 3 first came out, I was around 12-13 at the time. My little brother and I were doing our first coop play through of the campaign (playing on legendary I think?) and we were at the level called "The Storm". During the level, you can ride the Mongooses and sometimes one of the NPC marines will jump on back and ride with you.

My brother gave the marine he was driving with a rocket launcher and jokingly named him Jenkins. For some reason Jenkins was, in our stupid little minds, the most competent NPC in the history of gaming. Nailing long range shots with the rocket launcher and (seemingly) saving our skins on multiple occasions. He was with us through the vast majority of the level.

During the part where the first Scarab drops down, my brother would ride around on the Mongoose with Jenkins and "distract" the Scarab while I would board it and destroy its internals to blow it up. In the middle of all this, my brother screams "JENKINS!!! NOOOOO!!!!" and said we had to reload our last save because Jenkins had died. I told him we couldn't because after probably 5 different attempts, we finally completed that mission and I didn't want to have to try it again just because an NPC died, so we went on without him.

After that point, before every big battle we'd yell "FOR JENKINS!" and held a fake funeral for him and everything. We still talk about it from time to time to this day.

RIP Jenkins