1. Dark Flower Mario Concept by Narupiti Harunsong

evil mario isted fan art nintendo art super mario odyssey


2. Street Crime Bowser by Marc Rosete


3. IS THIS A GODDAMN JOJO REFERENCE!? (no really I don't know) by  Mr. Gyoza

mario anime fanservice sexy rosalina super mario jojos bizarre adventure


4. Mario on set by Daniel Midholt

messed up mario realistic mario fucked up mario


5. Yoshi! IRL by Joshua Dunlop


6. Pinup Princess Peach by Andrew Hibner

Pinup Mario


7. Religious Mario by matan kohn



8. Inoki Toad by masao



9. The absolute creepiest drawing of Dr. Mario I've ever seen by Bryan Heemskerk

smash date


10. Luigi Hits Rock-Bottom by Guðjón Agnarsson

luigi mario bros wtf fanart drugs