Even the most realistic movies ask you to suspend your disbelief in one way or another. Temps and interns being able to afford deluxe apartments in the city; that pistol with a seemingly bottomless clip; waking up with perfect makeup. Movie magic stretches farther than we tend to realize. 

Redditors took the time to flood an AskReddit thread asking "what is something movies never get right?" with thousands of answers. We picked the 15 that gave us the most anxiety.   


"Turning on the shower while under the shower head. It's not warm yet!"

Sometimes people just have places to go, normalsapien. 





It takes around 2 minutes to make someone pass out. Also it's dangerous."


Also also maybe just don't use chloroform. ManoRocha's got the right idea, kids. 


"I'm gonna say any time someone in an entry-level job or clearly in a job not paid so great can afford a flat to themselves in New York City.

Unpaid intern or work behind a bar, sooooooo how can you afford that apartment bigger than mine? I don't even live in London but I know apartments like THAT go for about £800-1000 a month in the UK alone, and NYC is worse."

A studio apartment in Manhattan is $3000, Dynasty2201. Y'all have it made in London. 


"It's pretty minor but it's always bugged me how they show someone playing video games in movies and TV. Everyone just quickly pressing every button on the controller randomly, whatever it takes to get that clicking noise as many times as you can."


dabigcookman clearly doesn't live to win. 


"The consequences of injury and limitations of the human body. People jump off things that should break their bones or kill them and keep running like it's fine. People get shot and keep functioning like it's no big deal. CPR always brings everyone back."

I feel you, Choactapus. Is it bad that I was relieved when someone got a compund fracture after they fell down a hole in The Descent? 



"Animal noises. Any time in a movie you see a squirrel, ferret, hamster, prarie dog, badger, raccoon etc., they always make the exact same 'stock chittering animal' sound.

I call it the 'Wilhelm chitter.'"

Brilliant name, GraphicDesignMonkey. 


"Eating. Why do they make it so awkward? SOMETIMES PEOPLE TAKE BIGGER BITES THAN A NIBBLE"

It's rare that you see anyone in a movie finish a cake, I'll give you that, _TotallyChuckNorris.


"Skydiving. You cannot have a full blown conversation while falling at 120mph and expect anyone to hear you. Point Break is especially guilty of this."

Tell that to Chev Chelios, n0mdeguerre. 


"That single piece of duct tape over the mouth!

Seriously, just open your mouth and the tape comes off. Scream all you'd like."

Duct tape can't even hold my bedframe together. Forget my mouth lol NewNoose. 



"Defibrillators. AKA "the paddle things" they use to shock people back to life.

The way they're portrayed on TV and in movies is more or less the opposite of how they work. You don't hear the long "beeeeeeep" of an absent heartbeat on the monitor (asystole) and then shock someone. Modern defribillators won't even let you do that. In fact, the point of the machine is actually to STOP the heart, specifically at times when the heart is beating so fast or so arythmically that it's not effectively circulating blood. Once the heart is stopped, the body's natural heartbeat (hopefully) returns to normal as the muscles reactivate.

TL:DR Doctors and paramedics don't zap people back to life like Frankenstein. A defibrillator is a machine that resets the heart's natural rhythm."

All-purpose story get out of jail free card, Michael_APKPLZ. 


"Most things don't explode when they're shot.

Grenades don't explode into massive fire balls.

Basically every military uniform ever."

Fun but unnecessary, according to atronautsloth.  


"Middle Eastern people played by Latinos with shitty accents"

Osiris0123 has the right idea. Bad accents and stereotyping are always embarassing. 



"Most people don't sleep with makeup on."

You'd be surprised, pumpkinrum.


"How many rounds are in a pistol."




"Fire sprinklers in burning buildings. Fire sprinklers have a glass bulb in them that holds the water from coming out of the sprinkler. When the liquid inside the glass reaches a certain temperature, the glass bulb breaks, allowing the water to come out of the sprinkler (at like 250psi, which will not only instantly soak you, but will also knock you on your ass). Movies almost always show a small fire setting off the sprinklers throughout the entire building. Each sprinkler has to be set off on it's own, they do not all start going at once, and there's no way to make them all go on at once - if a sprinkler doesn't reach the proper temperature, it will never release the water.

Source - I'm a former sprinkler fitter"


This might've ruined every fire escape in any movie ever. Thanks, 2PhatCC!