We open with the aftermath of the grenade explosion, and some pensive as fuck faces.


The Saviors are having class outside today. Lady Big Britches is flexing her authority by bullying a beta Savior. He is also my Spirit Animal. Watch him not catch this gun.


Man. Same.

It looks like he's the lucky one because OH SHIT HERE COMES THE CALVARY.


The B Team is working on taking down another outpost, and Morgan VERY ARROGANTLY lets some of the characters-who-don't-get-names know he "doesn't die."


"Is this guy serious?"

Oh hey remember when they started showing us something exciting and important and then for no reason cut away? I know, I have to be more specific because that happens every episode. But it's cool because HELL to the YEAH, JERRY. Get some. A double sided axe is a great zombie weapon, much better than a samurai sword which should have snapped in two LONG ago.


VERY good CGI.

The saviors and Alexandrians exchange some pew pews, and some how no one is getting shot. With this opening, Rick and the rest of the A Team head into the Governors Mansion to show Negan the petition everyone signed.

There is some, frankly, OFFENSIVE graffiti that Tara has to take a moment and process.


"Extremely rude."

Both teams are moving in on their respective compounds, which can get a little confusing. Rick and co. are still trying to find some heads to explode while Morgan and the Red Shirts surprise some Saviors with hot lead and HOLY SHIT MORGAN IS GUNNED DOWN.


"Yowie, my organs!"

I guess you're a fucking LIAR, Morgan.

Honestly I doubt he is really dead. Something tells me they won't kill off a character they've spent this long focusing on in a totally unceremonious fashion. This isn't Barristan Selmy.

Rick and Darryl Spider-Man their way up an elevator shaft and Jesus and Tara come across Johnny Pee-Pants here.


"Looks like someone remembered to wear their pissing pants today!"

Tara is very upset that Jesus is stopping her from executing the piss boy, who claims he is just a worker and not one of the Saviors. It doesn't take long before there is a distraction which enables Sally Soggy-Bottoms to get the drop on Jesus. He wastes no time in explaining that pissing himself was totally on purpose and just a prank.


"Can't believe you fell for the ol' Piss Yourself ruse! It was definitely just an act! You don't have to tell anyone!"

Now, he's got a pretty good position at this point. Tara doesn't want to risk shooting Jesus so all Danny Diapers has to do is keep the gun to Jesus' head.

He of course points the gun at Tara like an idiot and Jesus karates his ass. Ya dingus.


Explain this, atheists.

Alright so that's taken care of, they can kill him real easy now. Oh but they don't. Jesus ties him up because it's "not about him," whatever that means. I'm pretty sure it IS about him since they are all evil sociopaths? Whatever.

Oh btw Morgan is alive. Called it. Don't know why the Saviors wouldn't make SURE all of them were dead, but fine.


"Hey, you still sleeping?"

Speaking of which, back to the firefight. Lady Big Britches figures out that this was just a way to draw their attention and then puts up NO FIGHT when a walker shambles up for a nibble. YOU WERE HOLDING A GUN.


"There was nothing I could have done to stop this!!"

In the compound, Rick fights his way to the top of the castle and Darryl gets some PTSD flashbacks when he sees a PB&J sandwich.


"I TOLD Negan I didn't like crust..."

Morgan, the one man wrecking crew, clears the area. Outside, Jesus tells the remaining Saviors to lay down their arms if they want to live, much to Tara's dismay. Tara has a point - they came here to kill these psychos, it makes no sense to take them captive and give them the chance to get the drop on you. Yes, it's "not you" to execute unarmed prisoners, but if you want "you" to be "alive" maybe just do it you wuss.

There's more pew pew, a guy gets eaten by a tiger, and Rick finds out why the room at the top of this compound was so heavily guarded: it's got a dang baby in it. Rick looks at himself in the mirror as if we couldn't tell he is struggling with what he's become.


"Shit, not even I painted my daughters name on her wall."


Outside, Eric (?) has a booboo. Ezekial makes a speech and holy shit look at this background extra.

"How did end up with these people?"

My sentiments exactly. As action packed as this episode, and the episode before it was, it still feels like a slog to get through. With no Negan and just a bunch of mostly expendable Saviors there is just not much to watch besides an hour of people shooting blanks at each other. That is, until Rick finds a familiar face.


I'm glad Rick explained who he is because I certainly didn't remember. Why, it's Morales of course! We haven't seen him since season one! I suppose!


"Man I love this bat! I'll call you... Batty!"

Apparently he's with the Saviors now and tells Rick to call off the attack. Oh Morales, you rascal! You were always a scamp, probably! And now we get why we were shown all these pensive faces at the beginning of the episode. As EVERY SINGLE EPISODE OF THIS FUCKING SERIES likes to do, it shows us a glimpse of characters reacting to ... something, without context. And just like every episode that has come before it, who even cares? Even with the "reveal" that their plan has come to a grinding halt, I don't need a slow pan of a bunch of half-way worried and sweaty people. Like, I get it. It's fine.

This series really needs to just own the fact that it's based off a graphic novel about zombies and stop trying to be Breaking Bad. All these artistic flourishes would be nice in moderation but the constant silent, slow motion shots of "drama" and unecessary jumps in time feel very tacked on. This show is at its best when fleshed out characters are given time to shine, and it's at its worst when it treats you to monotonous action for action's sake.

If it's just going to be more of the same this season, it's going to feel like we've jumped the undead shark.