Funko has struck gold with its wildly popular line of Pop vinyl figures. From comic books and video games to cereal mascots and politicians, there's barely an intellectual property that hasn't been immortalized in all its black-eyed glory. 

Where movies are concerned, the figures are usually manufactured to come out at the same time as the movie in question, which sometimes leads to certain characters and even plot elements being spoiled before the movie is even in theaters. Call it bad timing or putting the Pop before the horse, but it's all spoilers, at the end of the day. Here are some examples of pretty Pops that might've spoiled some big blockbusters. 


1. Justice League 

At this point, we all know how the nearly universally panned Batmna v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice ends, right? Batman and Superman fight each other, fight new Doomsday alongside Wonder Woman, and Superman dies saving the Earth from the ugliest monster antagonist since Tim Roth's Abomination from The Incredible Hulk. 

Most fans assumed that Superman would be back in some capacity for Justice League, and they were proven right when Funko revealed its line of Justice League figures featuring, you guessed it, Superman in a suit with new frilly blue sleeves. Whether those are sweat bands or Kryptonian power bracelets obviously remains to be seen.  


2. Captain America: Civil War

The first of Captain America: Civil War's two big hero fights ends with Ant-Man (Scott Lang as played by Paul Rudd) surprising everyone - including himself - by turning into Giant Man for the first time. It's a thrilling moment that was clearly meant as a surprise, but I and many other Pop collectors had this spoiled when the Civil War Pops came out. 

I picked up a Black Panther figure as soon as I saw one in the store a couple weeks before the movie came to theaters, and who do I see on the back of the box? Giant-Man #135. A great moment in a great movie that would've been better if less people had seen it coming.   


3. Thor: Ragnarok 

Thor: Ragnarok doesn't come out until next week, but speculation is rising again thanks to two figures from the Pop line: a GameStop exclusive figure of a villain named "Surtur" and a Hot Topic exclusive of Thor holding what looks an awful lot like Surtur's head. 

Keep in mind that Thor still has his longer hair in this Pop form, so this more than likely happens at the beginning of the movie when he hasn't had his head shaved. Less of a major plot spoiler and more of a connective plot tissue reveal. Hey, it could be worse.  


4. Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

I'm still in shock that the Pirates franchise made enough money to warrant five movies, but that's beside the point. There had been rumors that Orlando Bloom would return as newly minted Flying Dutchman captain Will Turner since his last appearance in At World's End a decade ago. 

His role as the barnacle-covered captain of the Flying Dutchman was revealed when the Dead Men Tell No Tales line debuted ahead of the movie.     


5. Alien: Covenant 

In a movie like Alien: Covenant, deaths are just as important as plot twists, and seeing them spoiled can bring about a special kind of sadness. Billy Crudup plays Christopher Oram, the Chief Science Officer on the Covenant ship who winds up on the business end of a facehugger nearly halfway through the movie. He's not an important character, but the surprise of a death in a horror movie shouldn't go to waste like this.