It feels like creepy interpretations of Pokemon have been around as long as the internet, so it takes a lot for that kind of fan art to stand out. Ashley Kliment, also known as AshKs, has managed to succeed in this area thanks to a deft mix of cute and spooky. Cooky, you might call it. Or Spute.

A background artist at Nickelodeon, AshKs has been crafting a Halloweeny set of Pokemon that are often grisly but at the same time retain the trademark cartoony charm the series is known for. We talked to AshKs over DM and found that, like us, Pokemon fandom started early.

"I began playing Pokemon Blue Version on my gameboy color and I was instantly hooked. I think the old watercolor designs will always inspire me too," AshKs said. "I went through the animation BFA program at SJSU, and whenever I felt uninspired or down on myself, I'd always default to drawing Pokemon. It's always been there for me over the years and is something very dear to my heart."

Halloween #charmeleon #sketch πŸŽƒ #pokemon

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AshKs told us that Halloween is her favorite holiday of all, which explains how October-themed Pokemon have been appearing on herΒ InstagramΒ all year round. Not that we're complaining.

Β "I've always loved old ghost stories, carving pumpkins and everything spooky-themed," AshKs said, adding that she takes a controversial stance on the food that some internet writers have compared to Satan's tonsil stones. "And I'm pro candy corn, that stuff is delicious."Β 

We've collected some of AshKs' most delightful creations below.


#Halloween Squirtle #pokemon #sketch πŸŽƒ

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πŸ’€Halloween Wartortle πŸ’€ #halloween #pokemon #sketch

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It's still Halloween... right? #halloween #pokemon #blastoise #sketch πŸ’€

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I've been wanting to redo this one for awhile #halloween #charizard #pokemon #sketch

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Nidoran (female)



#Halloween Ivysaur πŸŽƒ #pokemon #sketch

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Ghost Charizard

Ghost #charizard πŸ’€#pokemon #halloween #sketch

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Be sure to check out Ashk's Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter for more spooky Pokemon (like Voltorb and Vileplume) and other neat art!