12 Overwatch Fan Comics That Are Absolutely POTG-Worthy

These are comics from around the internet fanart community and each one is the work of an artist that deserves recognition. If there's a comic you particularly enjoyed why not click on the artist's name and follow them on social media. If we've made an attribution error (or effed up in any other fashion) send an email to galleries@dorkly.com.

1. Ana Wants to Try Something by Leonardo Bóia

ana verwatch comic fareeha amari tea bag tumblr
farah pharah overwatch blizzard fancomics


2. Halloween Spirit by Disteal (support them on Ko-fi)

genji zenyatta halloween event funny capitalism

3. Lucio's Always on Point by Ronny Bravo (support them on Patreon)

look at this team


4. "It's not always about you, Genji" by Kelly Turnbull (support them on Patreon)

mccree genji left arm


5. Mercy's True Feelings by Titenoute

titenoute roadhog mercy i need healing

6. Mei Drops Some Science by C.REAMPEACH

mei freeze fancomic


7. You Wanna Hear a Joke? by DragonPinata

turret torbjorn comic


8. Symmetra gameplay by Narutoke

sym turret trap kill gate killgate meme


9. Sexy Beach Episode by Anushbanush (support them on RedBubble)

mchanzo comic mccree

hanzo lifeguard summer games overwatch comic



10. 4 Koma-Watch by Jebby




11. Power Moves by Vanycat



12. "Piggy" by LadyGT (support them on Patreon)

roadhog piggy

roadhog fancomic tumblr

overwatch comic feels roadhog


Bonus (so we don't end on a downer) by xfreischutz (support them on Ko-fi)

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