They say that history is written by the winners, but that doesn't apply to pop-culture. Nay, in the realm of movies, music, and television it is the losers who get final say on what will stick around as a relevant reference, and what will be forgotten to the sands of Netflix streaming. Here are 10 beloved movies that totally got their ass kicked by cinematic garbage during their opening weekend in the US. The numbers are taken from while the divisive opinionating about a subjective art form is provided for free.


1. Pacific Rim loses to Adam Sandler's spiritual black hole Grown Ups 2

movie showdown 

Pacific Rim has earned a loyal and dedicated fandom in the 2+ years since its release. Millions of dollars' worth of effects (and admittedly, hundreds of dollars worth of acting) are onscreen in one of the most creative homages to Japanese Kaiju/Sentai series like Godzilla and Power Rangers. With that much genre niche and a gluttonous CGI budget, it was indeed a risky venture... but come on, Grown Ups 2!? With a dismal 7% on Rotten Tomatoes it is mind-boggling that America looked at a giant Jaeger destroying monsters' faces with rocket punches and STILL said to themselves "Yeah but Kevin James falls off a rope swing". It's worth noting that both films lost to Despicable Me 2, but I value your intelligence too much to say something as obvious as "Did you know that people like Minions more than Guillermo Del Toro?"


2. Children of Men can't compete with Ben Stiller and a monkey

children of men

SPEAKING of acclaimed Mexican directors, Alfonso Cuarón's sci-fi action thriller is a visually lush and emotionally moving film. Set in a world where the human race can no longer produce babies, the movie examines a society at the breaking point, while failing to point out that without children, movies like Night at the Museum wouldn't be dominating the box office.