This gallery was gathered from the works of artists from across the whole wide internet and showcases an incredible amount of talent and imagination. If there's a piece you particularly like we STRONGLY encourage you to click on the artists' names and see if they offer prints or commissions or at the very least give them a follow on social media.

1. CG Animated Chuckie Finster by Guzz Soares

rugrats chuckie reboot concept design


2. Powerpuff Girls All Grown Up by Ross Tran

ross tran power puff girls redesign

3. Warhammer-Style Captain Hook by Wietse Treurniet 


4. Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts by Moize Opel

Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts


5. AMC presents: The Walking Doo by Martin Führer

scoobydoo redesign Hanna Barbera animation ombies walking dead shaggy scooby daphne velma

6. Fantasy Rei Ayanami and EVA by Conor Burke



7. Raver Disney Princesses by Skirtzzz

raver belle redesign
raver rapunzel redesign
raver Esmeralda hunchback


8. Son Goku, Wandering Warrior by Bruno Camara

warrior goku


9. Spongebob, but also it's an anime by cake cake

spongebob anime redesign


10. Thundercats' Lion-O by Dave Rapoza

Lion o dave rapoza


11. Gotham BFFs Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy by STAPOD

batman fun harley quinn redesign

batman fun poison ivy cartoon redesign


12. Teen Titans by raps0n

teen titans reboot


13. Earthworm Jim by Emerson Tung

earthworm jim


14. The Immortal Aku by Jason Kang



15. The Wild Thornberrys by Margaux Saltel