From the early days of Star Trek 'slash' fiction to the vibrant (and occaisionally insane) doujinshi scene in Japan, and culminating in the uncharted miasma of Tumblr "AU" fandoms, lets just say that nerds have always had a very liberal interpretation of the characters they love. So it's no surprise that Pennywise the interdimensional child-murdering dancing clown has been taken through the same process that so many fictional creations have been through before. 

We decided to try and find some of the weirdest Pennywise fanart we could find, then graciously left out all the ones with giant dicks and poo-poo and stuff. 


1. Genderswap Pennywise by NeoArtCorE

pennywise girl neoartcore rule 63


2. Do you wanna baloon!? by SamRaw08

pennywise fan art

3. Rick and Georgie by Natt Thomas

rick and morty clown mashup


4. Mighty Morphin Pennywise by AD!

mecha pennywise clown


5. Modern Anime Version by Mike Anderson


6. My Neighbor Pennywise by hyokka

Pennywise clown


7. Mean Clowns by CherryGarcia

mean girls pennywise stephen kings it mashup


8. Cleavage Version, I guess? Why Not. by Pakkie Davie

sexy clown pennywise


9. Animal Crossing: Derry Edition by b3rk

clown clown clown


10. Pennyfield! Did you eat my lasagna/child? by Shawn Bowers

pennywise it movie garfield


11. Batman Killing Joke Homage by Martin David



12. God of Destruction Pennywise (remind me to catch up on Dragonball Super, btw) by COLOR-REAPER

pennywise clown daddy


13. The only "sexy" Pennywise without a graphic depiction of a horrifying form of genitalia the fan community has lovingly referred to as a "clussy" by ombskars

sexy pennywise


14. Bill Skarsgard!?!? by Lydia Ling

losers club stephen king it