1. Someone proning in a house with a gun aimed at a staircase or door


I literally don't even have a second to react - I walk up some stairs and BOOM! I'm dead. Half the fun of PUBG is the massive scale of the map and trying to catch people wandering from one area to the next - but you're just gonna camp in this one spot and wait for a player who's keeping the game fun by traveling around to kill? That's no fun, feels shitty, and ruins the game. Bullshit move, bro.

2. Someone taking advantage of glitches and exploits


PUBG is - for one of the most popular games around - still incredibly buggy. There are widescale latency and lag issues, tons of weird glitches and exploits, and generally a not-very-polished end product - but given the competitive nature of the game, people have no choice but to use those aspects to their advantage. AND IT SUCKS. Oh, some barriers block bullets but other times they fly right through? Sneaking into water and being basically bulletproof there while I helplessly fire at you and then I get killed while I'm frustratedly reloading? BULLSHIT.

3. Killing me immediately after landing


Honestly, I think there should be a SHORT grace period at the beginning of each match where no one can kill one another, because sometimes I land after parachuting out and within an instant am shot dead - just because someone else managed to land a few seconds before me, quickly grab a gun, and start firing at me before I was able to assess what the heck was happening. That kind of stuff is straight-up BULLSHIT.

4. Sitting behind some trees and sniping at the edge of a circle


Fucking CAMPERS. Just sitting there with your 8x scopes, sniping away at the edge of circles - so right when I think I'm about to run towards safety, I wind up dying because someone a million miles away who's been sitting there motionless for 4 minutes waited for me to be out in the open? What the FUCK. AND I HAD A MEDKIT AND FINALLY HAD THE GHILLIE SUIT.

5. Running me over with a vehicle


How am I even supposed to dodge that motorcycle? It's not like I could hear it coming or anything.

6. Taking a vehicle before I could get to it and then driving off while I get swallowed by the gas


Such bullshit - I totally saw that jeep from like 400 yards away and was crawling towards it (to stay out of sight) and then two minutes later some BULLSHIT ARTIST pops out of nowhere and takes it and drives off and then I get destroyed by the gas because I was left like a million miles away from the circle? Bluehole, FIX YOUR GAME.

7. Distracting me while driving a motorcycle and I accidentally flip the motorcycle on a hill and die

Most Unfair Cheap Moves In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

We've all been there - you're doing great (already got a 2x scope AND a revolver so I'm pretty much set), you've got a motorcycle (so no problem getting to the next circle), and you're riding pretty - when someone else distracts you by shooting at you and you get nervous and mess up and flip your motorcycle over and die. BULLSHIT. And then to add insult to injury, they loot your corpse and take that sweet 2x scope you were so pumped to find. HOW IS THAT FAIR?

8. When I'm proning in a house with a gun pointed at a staircase, they come up and I accidentally switch guns instead of firing and then they instantly blow me away


I know what you're thinking - but c'mon, laying flat on a floor with your shotgun aimed at the stairway is a LEGITIMATE STRATEGY. It's something SMART players do to WIN GAMES. At least, I would if the "switch weapons" command wasn't SO EASY TO CONFUSE WITH THE FIRE WEAPON COMMAND - so I accidentally switch to my revolver (which is a pretty dope weapon tbh but not for that particular moment) and then try to switch back, but by that point I'm already super dead and they don't even bother to loot my body. And while I'm grateful I got to take not one but TWO red dot sights to the grave, you HAVE to admit that dude not giving me time to get the right weapon out was a pretty bullshit way to kill me.

9. Killing me when I'm like "oh hey only 69 alive, nice"


I was laughing at the number 69 (get it? Hint: it's the sex number lol) AND I had the game paused (well I was in the menu, that counts as pausing), you shouldn't be allowed to kill me. BULLSHIT.

10. When my little brother unplugs the router and just laughs at me and when I try to beat him up he puts me in a headlock and says "who cares dude you have literally never even gotten a kill in that game anyways" (ignoring the fact that I once accidentally ran over a guy while in a motorcycle, after which I immediately flipped over and also died)