1. BoJack's past explains the name of his imaginary daughter

As BoJack was working on his memoir late in season 1, he went on (one of many) drug binges that left him stranded in a parking lot in the rain - but while he was there, he hallucinated another life for himself - one where he walked away from the pitfalls of fame and celebrity, and married his old pre-fame friend (and former partner Herb's ex-girlfriend) Charlotte. Their life is serene, peaceful, and loving - all of the things BoJack's life lacks. They live in a quaint lake-side cabin in Maine, and have a daughter named Harper.


Lake-side cabin? Daughter named Harper? Does any of this sound familiar yet? It should - Harper's Landing is the name of the town where BoJack's mother spent her summers at a lakeside cabin. It took 4 seasons, but this helps shed a lot of light on BoJack's state of mind in season 1.


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2. 2121 - The Year of Drone Thrones

In the far off future imagined by Princess Carolyn in "Ruthie," we see a lot of fun details in the background - The Pig Bang Theory is still going strong in its 119th season, 187 degrees Celsius is considered chilly, and - most importantly - drone thrones are everywhere.


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Yes, Todd's objectively terrible idea from "See Mr. Peanutbutter Run" finally worked out its kinks and appears to be the favored method of transportation in the future. The only thing that's missing is a giant bag of kettle corn.


3. The Inspiration Behind King Pusspuss

When Ralph's family is preparing to celebrate the feast of St. Squeaky, Ralph tells the story behind the festivities - St. Squeaky defeated an evil tyrant named King Pusspuss, which is summed up in this charming song:


Look at me, I'm a dumb cat king!

I'm an ugly, mean, fat thing!

Innocent mice will feel my wrath!

I'm a stinky cat who never takes a bath!

I'm positively evil! I'm nasty and I'm smelly!


So I'll take my sword and stab you in the belly!

Most interesting is the design of King Pusspuss - namely, that he appears to look identical to Vlad Tepes, aka Dracula (well, except for being a cat):


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4. Todd's Improv Skills Include Seeing The Future


As Todd tries to give Princess Carolyn a pep talk in the woods (as she begins to doubt herself with the impending failure of her Philbert project and still reeling from her miscarriage), he's suddenly accosted by the dentist-clowns (and clown-dentists) he abandoned in the woods a few episodes previously. Except - something's a litttttttle different about them...

They're all behaving like zombies.


As Todd recounts immediately after:

"So it turns out Vice Chancellor Laughy-Gassy got rabies from quarreling with an old raccoon and then he started biting everyone, and now a bunch of them have rabies. Who could have predicted my innocent clown-dentist venture could turn into something so terrifying?"

Who could have predicted zombie dentists, Todd? Who, you ask? What about....TODD CHAVEZ (back in season 2)!


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Yep, back in Todd's improv days, he famously tried out a zombie dentist scene, which his teammates praised as being "so innovative." Guess Todd just has some unnatural predeliction for zombie dentists?