Since their creation/adoption for late-90s Japanese feature phones, the Emoji standard has been an omnipresent aspect of our mobile lives. Incredibly crappy movies aside, it's hard to imagine texting without these little pictograms... but there's an unfortunate kink in the backbone of this platform. While the CODE used to send emojis is shared across devices the actual IMAGES that are used can be copywritten and thus aren't the same across platforms. When an iPhone user sends an emoji to a Samsung user, they see two completley different images, and when the purpose of that image is "accurate conveying of emotions" it's SHOCKING just how often seperate devices end up with almost OPPOSITE meanings.

Luckily, the tumblr page SameEmojis has been set up with a series of funny image macros that showcase some of the most bizarre indiscrepancies and pitfalls that you can run into while texting.

1. Impressed, or looking for the exits?

weird emoji differences


2. Not even eye-rolls are safe? (ROLLS EYES)

weird emoji eyeroll

3. The look of total defeat can also be the look of "kinda not feeling it"

defeated tired face unsure


4. It's alarming how a face I've used for "great concern" can come across as "tired of your shit" if someone's using a different phone

emoj thumbnails concern angry samsung vs apple


5. Another weird example where worry becomes more of a personal statement

Whew what a day



6. The face of pleasure, or the face of SHAME

drooling emoji face



7. Meanwhile, here's how whining can become indifference

i want that hot diiiiiick



8. Maybe it's a cultural difference, but do people actually "grimace" like this?


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