Last night's Rick & Morty started with Rick & Morty C-137 going off on a trip to Atlantis. We don't actually see the trip, but instead spend some time on the newly rebuilt Citadel, where Ricks and Mortys are fighting for political and social high ground and we fight to recognize as many movie references as we can. It's not easy being every other Rick in the universe, so let's dive into "The Ricklantis Mixup".   

Simple Rick's

The 3 Best Things About Rick and Morty Ep. 7: The Ricklantis Mixup

Ricks on the Citadel are at the top of the social ladder, but even they can be relegated to factory jobs. They're put to work making Simple Rick's, wafer cookies made with the extract of an imprisoned Rick's happiness at the sight of a young Beth. And they lay all of that out in a Pepperidge Farm style commercial with zero subtlety. When one of the factory Ricks goes rogue and accidentally kills the Happy Rick in an attempt to save him, his sense of freedom at having beaten the system is used to make a new variant of Simple Rick's cookies.

Watching the second commercial play out as a long con victory is a hysterical kick to the gut.  

All the different Mortys


In an attempt to show what life on the Citadel is like, the story cuts between different events including a presidential election, a Dead Poets Society style school for Mortys to train for their upcoming Ricks, and a hard-boiled cop drama with a Rick and Morty as partners patrolling Mortytown. As you can imagine, this means there's a ton of different Mortys crawling around; one is mixed with lizard DNA, another is from the trunk person universe first introcued in "Rixty Minutes," one is implanted with a drama chip, and one is...left-handed. The sheer variety of Mortys reenacting Stand By Me makes up for the filler nature of the rest of this episode; at least up until the ending...  

Evil Morty is back 


What started out as just another Morty running for office turned into the sinister act of sabotage on the part of Evil Morty, the rogue sidekick from "Close Rickcounters Of The Rick Kind." Evil Morty wasted no time dismantling the Rick's regime, and the final shot of the episode is photos previously held by Evil Morty's former campaign manager trying to expose him. Chilling stuff.