Tired of seeing superheros absolutely everywhere but still want to get into comics? Don't worry, we got you. We've made a list of comics you can get into right now that were either recently released or still being released. You can find links to buy each book digitally below their respective sample pages -- or better yet, go out there and support your local comic shop!

Paper Girls

WRITER: Brian K. Vaughan 

ARTIST: Cliff Chiang


The writer of the perennial "must read" comic Saga has another series that should be on your radar. Paper Girls stars four paper delivery girls who get swept up by some aliens and some just bonkers adventures in the 1980s. Think Stranger Things, but a little meaner, a little weirder and a little creepier. The writing is rad (of course) and that art really drives it home. Just a delightful adventure.


Get Paper Girls here: Image Comics


By Chance or Providence

ART AND WRITING: Becky Cloonan


This collection of award-winning short stories by Becky Cloonan bring the creep factor without taking a million pages to do so. Each story involves different characters and storylines, all in some fantasy medieval world, and manages to get you hooked on each in very few pages. Come for the awesome stories, stay for Becky Cloonan's amazing art.


Get By Chance or Providence here: Image Comics


What is Left

ART AND WRITING: Rosemary Valero-O'Connell


This powerful short story follows an accident aboard a fantastical space shuttle that runs on memories, launching the main character into the subconscious of a complete stranger. There's not enough that can be said about the mood and atmosphere achieved in this must-read. Wonderfully drawn, wonderfully written, and wonderfully space sad.


Get What Is Left here: ShortBox




ART AND WRITING: Noelle Stevenson


This webcomic has won seemingly every award imaginable -- and for good reason! Funny yet gripping, Nimona centers on a supervillain who lucks into a seriously overpowered sidekick out of absolutely nowhere. No one knows where she came from, but she can do cool stuff like shapeshift so no one's really complaining (except the good guys). Get ready for a journey of the best kind.


Get Nimona here: Amazon


ART AND WRITING: Jake Wyatt with Kathryn Wyatt


We can't say enough good things about Necropolis. At its heart it's a revenge story about a young girl who sets out to settle the score with those who destroyed her village. This odyssey takes her through fantastical locales, meeting out-of-this world creatures, and landing in some (what else) sticky situations. Jake Wyatt's art and design really shows off his eye for comics. Also the entire thing is free on tumblr so like, why not? 


Read Necropolis here: Tumblr

Southern Bastards

WRITING: Jason Aaron

ART: Jason Latour


Here's another phenomenal, award-winning comic you might have heard about. A mean, crunchy crime story, Southern Bastards takes place in a small Southern town that's rotten to the core. At first this book seemed like it was going to be a cathartic yarn about a good man setting the world straight again, but as the series goes on, you'll see it doesn't play out all that neatly. The stakes here are comparatively small compared to the interdimensional exploits of some of the other comics listed, but Southern Bastards isn't afraid to fill your stomach full of gravel and punch you in the gut.

Non-Superhero Comics You Should Be Reading

Get Southern Bastards here: Image Comics



WRITER: Marjorie Liu

ARTIST: Sana Takeda


On the surface, Monstress is a dark story about an Arcanic (a non-human) avenging the death of her mother following an extremely violent war between the humans and, well... everyone else. But the comic runs so much deeper than that, hitting hard hard topics like feminism, race, slavery, and war. Strap yourself in for a bumpy, pitch-black ride because that's what you're going to get with Monstress.


Get Monstress here: Image Comics

Motor Crush

WRITING: Babs Tarr, Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart

ART: Babs Tarr, Cameron Stewart


From the team that brought you the awesome Batgirl reboot comes a new comic series about a world-famous motorcycle racer who becomes a bat-wielding crimefighter by night. The beautiful art (look at those colors!) really makes it stand out from other comics on the stand. It helps that the story is such a blast. 


Get Motor Crush here: Image Comics