The Internet Misread a Sonic Sprite and Made a Wonderful New Character
via Alpha Gamboa

For a long time, it was common wisdom that the Sonic the Hedgehog universe needs more characters like it needs another 3D Blast. And yet somehow, it's 2017 and a new character is all anything the fandom wants. 

It started at the end of August, when artist and designer Alpha Gamboa noticed that the sprite for the spider boss in the recent/excellent Sonic Mania kinda looks like a girl is piloting the contraption. Once you see it, it's tough to look at it any other way. All it took was a few sketches (shown above), and the internet was immediately captivated by "Eggette," daughter of the villainous Eggman.

In the weeks since, the community has embraced Eggette with a vice-like hug and hasn't let go. Their enthusiasm is positively infectious, and though you probably shouldn't bug developers about what they can't control, it's hard not to want this little rascal to become an official part of the Sonic canon.

We've collected some of our favorite fan contributions to the character below.

1. So many talented artists immediately latched onto Eggette, there's just something about this rotten child genius

2. Some have even made comics and memes

3. And of course, there's plenty of pixel art out there

4. Other folks have even gone as far as making 3D models of Eggette

5. Alpha and co. have imagined Eggette as part of the classic "Sat Am"  Sonic cartoon, and she fits right in

6. She can be really cute and really menacing -- Eggette is versatile that way

7. People are unbelievably quick with these GIFs

8. Alpha has gone back and added a twist to the design with some DEEP CUTS...

...specifically pulling from the concept art dating back to when Eggman was going to be a protagonist to rival Mario

9. Plenty of folks have compared Eggette to Bowser Jr., which sounds exactly right . 

10. If you're hardcore enough to get this reference, you deserve a chilidog


via Alpha Gamboa

11. Hats off to this fan who went as far as to make Genesisy THEME MUSIC for Eggette

12. We can all agree that Eggette should be made canon as soon as possible

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