The beauty of videogames is that it's an interactive art form - we get to become part of the game and watch our actions affect the world. And while most games put you on a linear path of doing good, more and more games are offering you the freedom of choice: do you want to do the good moral thing, or the messed up evil thing? And some games take morality out of it entirely and offer you up an open world where the game allows you to do whatever you feel like with no consequences - and that's when the REAL dark stuff tends to happen. But what's the DARKEST stuff people have done in games? What are the worst sins?

Luckily, a recent thread on AskReddit posed the question: "What's the most f***ed up thing you've seen or done in a videogame?" and the responses were...appropriately evil. Now would be a good time to reflect on the evil things you've done in games - and if they can even compare to these.

1. Of course, The Sims would be represented - and while everyone has done some aggressively messed up things in The Sims before, Darth_Mufasa did something...extra special:

It was the Sims of course.

I wanted to make a haunted house but the only way to get gravestones is to actually have someone die. But I didnt want a measly gravestone or two like some half-assed Halloween decorations, I wanted an actual damn graveyard. So I built a small pool on the plot of land, made a family of eight, purchased the plot, and drowned every member of the family in it. And repeated the process eight times to collect 64 gravestones.

Just to add, once I had my graveyard I built the house along with a creepy caretaker. Thing about the sims is ghosts occassionally walk around at night and wake people up. This isnt super common in most circumatances. However, when you live on the former location of a murder-pool haunted by 64 souls, you get waken up all night long. The poor caretaker couldnt sleep, and was eventually reduced to a gibbering mess constantly falling asleep in his own filth because there werent any toilets that matched the gothic decor.

10/10 would make haunted house again

2. There is a litany of evil things you can do in Skyrim (some of the MOST popular Skyrim mods of all-time are simply the ones that allow you to murder children), but Edemardil found a creative outlet for their cruelty and I respect that:

I used to kill people in Skyrim, strip them down and then catapult them from a draw bridge.

3. When it comes to Roller Coaster Tycoon, the simple normie answer is "launch people off of an unfinished rollercoaster and watch the glorious explosion" - but IDUnavailable knows that's some BABY-ASS SHIT:

I used to play Roller Coaster Tycoon: Natural Selection Edition.

Step 1: Make a raised area right by the entrance with a ton of free food and drink shops. Additionally, park entrance should be free (or as cheap as possible; can't remember if free was possible). NO BATHROOMS

Step 2: Build two ride entrances on the area with the food and drink shops. One ride should be some weak shit (like a maze or slide), while the other should be an insane rollercoaster.

Step 3: The exit to the weak ride should be suspended in the air over a lake, meaning anyone who picks it over the rollercoaster will drown once they get off.

Step 4: The exit to the rollercoaster should be on a new raised platform similar to the first one, with two more ride entrances branching off of it.

Step 5: Repeat those steps a few times and then open the park.

Step 6: Make a section with statues and fountains near the entrance to the park, and put any guests who make it through the gauntlet on their own little 1x1 raised display platform. This should be near the entrance to the park, so you can show off your "trophies".

Of course, the all-time winner for sick twistedness in RCT has to be Mr. Bone's Wild Ride.

4. To be fair, Black & White had a built-in morality system that was an intrinsic part of the game experience - but CantFindMyWallet still found ways to get creative with their evil godly ways:

I was playing Black & White for PC, and I needed some object. A guy admitted to having it, and he said he'd give it to me if I saved his son who was lost in the woods somewhere or something.

So I smashed his house with a boulder and took the thing I needed. Then I went and found his son and killed him and dropped the corpse off at the guy's house for him to see.

5. Spider-Man 2 will go down as one of the unexpectedly seminal open world games of the PS2 era - and this story from 6FootDwarf explains why:

In one of the Spider-Man games I would always be the lethal enforcer. I would find bad guys, wrap them up, carry them with me to the top of whatever skyscraper was nearby, and then proceed to do a 45-story suplex on the guys head.

The game registered it as simply knocking him out. But I know what I did

I know what I did!

6. GTA does dark things to us all - I mean, how could it NOT? But notsofastandy's wife makes her mayhem and murder VERY SPECIFIC:

My wife is the sweetest, cutest, most unassuming woman you've ever met, but you let her loose in GTA and she'll spend an inordinate amount of time chasing down fat people and burning them alive.

7. Rimworld is an underrated great that got a bit of press, but was still mostly overlooked by most gamers. Nevermind04 sums up nicely why you should check it out:

There's a colony management/base building game I play called Rimworld. It has all the standard stuff you would expect: hunting, foraging, farming, research, electric systems, temperature systems, seasons, factions, etc. It's a really good game.

Once you get your colony above like 8 people, you need to think of a plan on making coin in the late game by farming, brewing beer, processing stone, making weapons, making drugs, etc. Basically, you need to keep food on the table, clothes on your people, and keep enough money to make life easier or bail yourself out when the shit hits the fan (which it often does in this game). You have to produce something profitable to have enough money to keep your colony running indefinitely.

I farm people. When enemy factions attack, sometimes an enemy is downed but still alive. I capture them and hold them in a jail cell. The ones with useful traits are well fed and clothed until they decide to join my faction. The ones with even one single undesirable trait? They're fed nutrient paste and denied clothing. Then one by one, the undesirables wait naked in their dark cells until it's time for them to go to surgery.

First I remove their legs so they can't attempt a jailbreak and run away (they kept trying to run away during this process). Then I start harvesting valuable organs: 1 lung, 1 kidney, both eyes, both ears, their nose and their jaw. If they survive, I take a liver or heart - whichever I don't have in adequate stock. At that point, they die.

Their bodies go to the butcher and the next prisoner is moved into surgery. The corpses are skinned for leather and butchered for meat. Their "human leather" is made into luxury chairs. Human leather furniture is valuable and is sellable to certain traders so I try to keep it in stock. Organs sell especially well, but I keep several of each part in stock in case one of my people needs emergency surgery. The butchered human meat?... Remember that nutrient paste from before? Yeah. There's a non-zero chance that a prisoner in the organ farm is eating paste made from their friends and/or family while they're waiting to become "organ donors".


8. Honestly, this IS insanely dark and you never really think about it. Thank for showing us all the light, pmmeurmoney:

All my competitive pokemon are severely inbred so they'd have the best stats.

9. Cyclonitron couldn't think of just ONE evil sin he had committed in World of Warcraft, so he had to create a list (although "warlock terrorism" could have easily supported an entire confession):

Vanilla WoW had lots of opportunities for douchebaggery. Some things I remember:

  1. If you were on a PvE server, flag yourself and hang out around Blackrock mountain (later Silithus and EPL) around raid time and hope someone gathering up for a raid attacks you. Now that they've attacked you they're flagged and won't be included in group heals. So the entire raid either has to flag themselves or wait for everyone's PvP flag to turn off. It was a big annoyance to raid leaders because there was always that one idiot who couldn't resist attacking the other faction and you'd end up wasting a bunch of time.

  2. In the town in Silithus if you stood at the very top of the arch in front of the inn the guards couldn't reach you - but people who set their hearth to that inn would appear in front of it and in range of fireballs and hunters. So myself and a guildmate would stand on the arch and shoot people who hearthed in. The guards would try to attack us but their pathing algorithm would have them run back to their posts once they got halfway up the arch. People who would shoot back on the other hand would get destroyed by the guards. It was hilarious.

  3. There were lots of ways to kill people in PvP in such a way that they'd take durability damage to their equipment. Sheeping someone while they were swimming to get them to drown or mind-controlling people and making them run off cliffs were two of the more popular methods.

  4. Warlock terrorism.

  5. Getting unsuspecting suckers to participate in the dreadlord summoning ritual.

  6. Dickheads would sometimes kite Kazzak to Stormwind or Anachronos all the way to Orgrimmar and watch them wreak havoc. Kazzak was especially problematic because every time he killed someone he'd get a heal, so getting him out of Stormwind required a server reset. He got patched real quick after a few times of that.

And more things I'm sure I'm forgetting.

10. There's plenty of room for evilness in city planning. Thanks Rudeirishit:

I made a basin of filth above my city in Cities Skylines, and demolished the dam that kept it all in. Have you ever seen ~5000 people die in a wave of raw sewage? I have.

11. Knights of the Old Republic was glorious because it was one of the first games to really allow you some real choices in the Star Wars universe - and go as Dark Side as humanly possible, as apemandune reminds us:

Played original KOTOR as the most evil possible. I remember at the end you could mind trick the wookie into murdering his bff. He would then snap out of it, see what he'd done, and run away forever. You lose two party members and you feel like a real fucking villain. That game is great.

12. Games like Civilization take so long and get so involved, it's hard to not get A LITTLE vindictive towards your enemies. Then again, there's regular vindictive, and then there's Portarossa's version of vindictive:

Alexander beat me to building Petra by one turn, when I had a city in the most perfect Petra set up you could imagine. I was playing as Spain and I'd gone for Desert Folklore over One With Nature; that's how perfect this set up was. I was fuming.

I built a tiny city in the most inhospitably shitty tile I could find (right up in the snowy wastes), and blocked it in completely with other cities until it was maybe one or two tiles big, no more. Then I laid waste to that son of a bitch. I took everything. I seeded the ground with salt. Every city I had no use for, I burned to the ground.

Then, just before I took his last city, I traded him the one-tile city I had renamed 'Alex's Shame Corner', trapping him in a desolate frozen wasteland for the rest of the game.

13. Irishbread did the thing we all did. We are all guilty, every single one of us:

I threw the baby penguin off the cliff in Mario 64