We here at Dorkly have more than once predicted the future of Nintendo - we totally called Slowbro's Mega Evolution, using Cuccos to take down enemies in Zelda, and the idea of a massive open world Zelda game (well, we called it "The Legend of Zelda: Skyrim" but that's BASICALLY what Breath of the Wild is, right?). And now we have Nintendo PRETTY MUCH confirming an old Dorkly comic as TRUE CANON - thanks to Supper Mario Broth, one of the foremost experts in weird bits of Nintendo trivia and archived details:

To be fair, this is from a 2000 issue of Nintendo Power, so it's not exactly timely, but I can assure you we were not aware of this interview at the time of making the following comic, which explains why Wario and Waluigi have no princess equivalents ("Wapeach" and "Wadaisy", we assume):

Nintendo Has Basically Confirmed A Dorkly Comic As Canon

Note Miyamoto's specific language: he didn't want to see their girlfriends. Not "significant others" or any gender-neutral language - he didn't want to see Wario and Waluigi cavorting with women because they have no interest in women - Wario and Waluigi are lovers and it is 100% confirmed canon officially by Nintendo now.

Thankfully, a few people in the replies to the tweet are wise to what should have been obvious:

And - while this is clearly 0% canon and obviously wrong - there have been some fun imaginings of what the Wario/Waluigi equivalents for Peach and Daisy WOULD look like (although obviously they would not be dating Wario and/or Waluigi):

Still, we're mostly just glad to have our comic officially 100% confirmed by Nintendo.

Now it's Sega's turn. We're waiiiiiiiting...