You don't have to be a psychoanalyst to break down why so many peoples' first crushes are cartoon characters. They're literally MADE to be appealing and non-threatening to their intended audience. So while everybody grows older and wiser, moving on to more ACTUAL humans for affection, there still remains a persistent memory for the unrealistic and/or bizarelly proportioned 2D women that first stole your heart...

Oh, and then we found a bunch of very attractive and talented models/costume designers who took photos dressed like those beloved characters because this is the Internet and we all know what the deal is by now. 

(But seriously some of these shots are AMAZING).

1. 90s Catwoman Bodypaint by Kay Pike



2. Jessica Rabbit (vacation version) by Major Sam Cosplay

vacation version tiki cosplay

3. Misty from Pokemon by GC-Chan Cosplay

sexy bikini misty cosplay
photo credit: Eurobeat Kasumi Photography


4. Kim Possible and Shego by Seviria and Sinastri Cosplay

kim possible sexy cheerleader roller derby raver


5. Velma from Scooby-Doo by Karli Woods

jinkies scooby doo sexy velma cosplay
photo credit: Martin Wong Photography